The Pajama Revolution

When  Pajamas become a mainstream fashion trend, I was one of the many who jumped in the bandwagon. Odd since I usually don’t follow trends, but hey I never resisted this trend due to the fact that PJ’s are uber comfy. Comfort is a luxury nowadays since people tend to forgo comfort for the sake […]

Montreal Diaries: Summer

I love Montreal for thousands of reasons, I can’t specifically say which comes first because everything just falls on the first category. Before I came here, I thought I’m going to move to Toronto, to a bigger city with more opportunity, but as time passed by, I realized Montreal is where I belong. I fell […]

Corporate Throwback

As I was cleaning my computer files, I accidentally opened a file from a few years back and saw my photos taken 2 years ago just weeks before I left the Philippines. I totally forgot to blog about this outfit back then. I usually don’t post old photos under the “Fashion” category because I want […]

Summer Maxi

Today, I am wearing a summer dress from To Save, a Chinese based online shop that sells affordable items. When I saw this dress on the website, I knew without a doubt I am sold. I have never been an avid follower of a trend, I stick to my favorite floral prints, simple silhouettes, dainty, […]

Blooming with Memories

My blog title is so apt with the fashion outfit that I will be sharing today. I wore this on our third day in Bali, Indonesia. I have a lot of good memories in Bali, it is by far the most beautiful place I’ve been to and I can’t wait to share the Part 2 […]