Twenty Nine

The number 29 sounds scary. “Mawawala ka na sa kalendaryo”, a term commonly used by Filipinos when you are approaching the dreaded age of 30 and 31. The exact translation means “You are about to disappear from the calendar”. The highest number of days in the calendar is 31 days, so not seeing your age […]

Spring Fling

The weather got extra amazing for Spring, so my friends and I went out to enjoy the sun in the terrace of this beautiful French Patisserie in Montreal called Duc de Lorraine, then decided to stroll around the park after. Suddenly, I felt like a Parisian girl going out and about. I wore a nice […]

Maxi Dress Game

Sharing with you my outfit on our first day in Bali. My maxi skirt and dress game has become stronger lately. I find this staple very flattering for my body type and in all ways comfortable. I feel good when I’m wearing maxi skirt and dresses because it’s feminine, beautiful and doesn’t go out of […]

High Waist Revival

Jumping into the high waist fashion trend! It took me a while to convince myself to wear a high waist trouser. I feel like my torso is not long enough for me to be able to pull off an outfit like this, but with proper styling and a lot of high waist fashion inspiration research, […]

Bringing Sunshine in Putrajaya

Another outfit photos taken in Malaysia! This time I am wearing yellow. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I’ve been obsessing with all things yellow lately. I found myself in coats section looking for a mustard yellow fur coat or wool coat, which is not good when you are on a self-imposed shopping […]

Vacation Vibe

This is my outfit on our second day in Kuala Lumpur. Being in Southeast Asia will give you the privilege to wear summer breezy outfit all year round. I guess it is something that I miss about my home country, Philippines. It was year 2016 when I discovered Maxi Skirts. I was reluctant to wear […]