Oslob, Cebu

8 months ago, I booked a flight to Singapore with my friend and my roommate. For some reason, my friend cancelled the trip because her passport will be at the Australian Embassy, since she is also planning a trip to Australia. That leaves me and my roommate to travel. Months before the travel, I prepared […]

West 35, Cebu

It was a fine beautiful day when we decided to visit West 35 2 weeks ago when the weather was not yet bipolar. The decision to go there was to dine at Haven Cafe as I have been reading great reviews about their good food at a very reasonable price. We intend to travel there […]

Plantation Bay Resort and Spa, Mactan Cebu

Summer is always the best time to go to the beach. The weather is just too hot that all you wanted to do is to relax and swim.  This season is also the best time for group outing that is why our team at work decided to have Team Building at Plantation Bay.   Check […]

Bantayan Island, Cebu

On our 2 weeks leg of vacation, Bantayan Island was one of them. We were there for 5 days. We left the Island last November 6, 2013, 2 days before the strong typhoon Haiyan ripped off this beautiful paradise. Bantayan Island is now recovering from this wrath and surely it will just be as beautiful […]

Camotes Island

Just before the typhoon hit Visayas, I was in Camotes Island for 4 days celebrating the holy week. Taking a break from the busy life in Cebu City and enjoying the beautiful paradise island of Camotes. I felt lucky that I was able to see Camotes before it was destroyed by the strong typhoon Haiyan […]