Sky Ranch, Tagaytay

Our travel to Tagaytay from Manila was a one long ride. We were supposed to visit Enchated Kingdom in Laguna on that day, however, when we arrived we were informed that Enchated Kingdom is only open during Weekends. So from Laguna, we travelled all the way up to Tagaytay and arrived at 3 PM. Traffic […]

Manila 2015

Last July, in celebration of my 20 something birthday, we went to Manila to see my previous room mate Charen and to go to Tagaytay and Enchanted Kingdom since I want to be away on my birthday. Actually the travel did not fall on my birthday which is July 10 because AirAsia has a lot […]

Cagayan De Oro, Philippines

If there is one thing that people are anticipating when visiting Cagayan De Oro, that is White Water Rafting. This is considered an extreme sport only suitable for risk takers just like me. White Water rafting is included in my extreme sports bucket list, I guess if there will be something I will not try, […]

Camiguin Island, Philippines

I am excited to share with you guys my Camiguin trip! I have been looking forward for this trip for a long time since visiting Camiguin is included in my bucket list of places I want to visit for 2015. To provide you with useful information of how to get there; from Cagayan de Oro, […]

Bukidnon, Philippines

My vacation started early and I want to share with you guys my trip to the province of Bukidnon. We took the route from Cebu to Cagayan de Oro via Cebu Pacific Air. We arrived at Laguindingan Airport in CDO, 2 o’clock in the afternoon. The weather was perfect when we arrived and I surely […]

Campuestohan Highland Resort, Bacolod

One of the most memorable place we visited is the Campuestohan Highland Resort. This trip is like a trip back to childhood memory lane. It is like going to Disneyland without big rides. I felt like an excited child going to an amusement park for the first time!   The trip going there is literally painful. It […]