Delicate Perfection

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Outfit Details:


Dress: Belle Jean Clothing
Shoes: So Fab!
Accessories: Beads and Pearls


I being the person who looks younger than my real age, I always want to make it a point that I would look mature in what I wear and how I look. But I can assure you that I do not look like this every day. Lately, I have been thinking of how to save without compromising my love for style, fashion and beauty. I know just like all other girls, I too have my own shares of beauty regimen that would require me to shed some pesos so I could maintain being beautiful. So let me tell you what I have been doing for me to save.


  1. Not everyone loves waxing, but I do. For the last year I spent 800 pesos a month for my monthly waxing. When I computed my yearly expenses for waxing, it reaches more than 10k a year. That is already a lot just for waxing alone when I could have saved this money right? So what I did the following month is to research on how to make a cold wax. I can assure you it is really challenging. The first attempt failed, I burned my skin when I used hot wax, but due to my desire to prevent monthly waxing expense I’ve learned to do it properly.
  2. Every time I attend events, I also shed extra hundreds or thousands for my hair and makeup. Another realization for things I could just do, I enrolled for basic makeup class at Dollface and learned how to do daily makeup and night makeup. Doing contours are not that hard to do, so I also studied what is the best contour for my face shape. And for the hair I bought my own straightening and curling iron so I could also do it myself.
  3. I’ve learned to invest in good quality clothes on a very low price. I avoided going and buying branded products because I felt like buying for the name and not the clothes. And I try to buy during Sale.


I hope this tips helped the girly girls like me to save and avoid too much beauty spending. (lol to the things we do for beauty).



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    the place looks familiar. lol. good tips there. bet you are really right. sending love from Beijing!!!

    • Waren Jean

      More love from Philippines, Hazel!

  • Aica Gonzalo

    Your dress is so beautiful!!!!

    • Waren Jean

      Thank you, Aica!