2017-2018 Fashion Recap

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It’s fashion recap time!

This is my most favorite time because I get to see the outfits that I posted for the year. I didn’t do 2017 fashion recap because I didn’t post a lot of fashion entries, just like 2018, so I decided to do a 2 years fashion recap. Doing this shows me a good picture of how my fashion style have evolved. Now that I am also blogging about beauty and travels, I tend to forget that I first started as a fashion blogger. Fashion is my first love. If I am not doing anything, I am outfit planning. That’s totally different from the people that I talk to who are meal planning when they are bored. My fashion taste have changed, but my love for it never fizzled. I am still a hardcore fashionista!

The pictures you will see below are based on the date it was posted, it did not follow the season, hence, there are photos where I am bundled up and there are photos when I am underdressed.

Let’s start with 2017!

  1. Forest Fantasy

2. My First Canadian Winter Experience

3. Paint the Town

4. My First Canadian Fall Experience

5. Breakfast at Tiffany’s Inspired

6. My End of Summer Canadian Experience

7. Dream Weaver

8. Ottawa, Ontario 2017

9. Scarlet Fever

10. Shades of Pink

11. Quebec City, Quebec 2017

12. Afternoon High Tea Party

13. Weekend in Rawdon

14. MOSAÏCANADA 150, Gatineau 2017

15. The Day I Set Myself Free


Here comes 2018 Fashion Recap!

1. A Day in Alexandria, Virginia

2. 12 Things I Learned in 2017

3. 8 Must Visit Monuments and Memorials in Washington DC

4. Fabric Blooms

5. A Black and White Approach

6. Washington DC: Georgetown Cupcake

7. Winter Wonderland

8. Vacation Vibe

9. Bringing Sunshine in Putrajaya

10. High Waist Revival

11. Maxi Dress Game

12. Spring Fling

13. Twenty Nine

14. Blooming with Memories

15. Boho Picnic Party in La Maison Lavande

16. Summer Maxi

17. Corporate Throwback

17. Montreal Diaries: Summer

19. The Pajama Revolution

I’ve been fashion blogging since 2013 up until now, so if you want to see a shocking fashion evolution, I have my yearly recap that you check below. Enjoy! Lol.

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