Bantayan Island, Cebu

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On our 2 weeks leg of vacation, Bantayan Island was one of them. We were there for 5 days. We left the Island last November 6, 2013, 2 days before the strong typhoon Haiyan ripped off this beautiful paradise. Bantayan Island is now recovering from this wrath and surely it will just be as beautiful before the typhoon.


How to get to this beautiful Bantayan Island:

From Cebu City, you need to go to the North bus terminal; there are bus liners like Ceres that will take you to the Hagnaya port. Travel time is 4 hours, so yes, it is quite a painful ride. From Hagnaya port, a ferry will take you to Sta. Fe Bantayan.


As part of my travel diary, I took a lot of beautiful photos to share with you and see how amazing this island is.

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This is the name of the beach where we stayed. They have decent economical rooms, ideal for travelers who want to enjoy and save.

03 04

My front beach view. Amazing, isn’t it?

05 06 06a

Here I am posing while waiting for my food at Anika Beach restaurant. We stayed at Beach Placid, but we prefer to eat in Anika because the restaurant ambiance is so nice and the servers are very friendly.



So, this is my island hopping buddies, my dainty pink summer bag and my equally dainty summer straw hat.


The following photos are the photos I took at the Virgin Island, Bantayan.

08 09 10

3 days before the typhoon, the weather is just so amazing.

11 12 13

This is called a Virgin Island and honestly the only Virgin Island I know that is no longer a virgin.




This is the snorkeling area with beautiful fishes, but I only saw few of them.



Relaxing and beach bumming. Trying to burn my skin to a charcoal level.



Virgin Island merchandise.



Shell decorations.



The miniature wood carved traditional bahay kubo and coconut tree.


22 23

Lovely designs. They always put this kind of decor to the coconut tree that they cut.



Absolute relaxation, their beach sofa bed.



How about this? I would surely love to sleep here at night or stare at the stars without thinking of mosquitoes biting me. Lol. I have a mosquito net.



View of the Virgin Island from a far. We are heading to the 2 other islands.


This is the entrance to the Ogtong Cave. Your Bantayan escapade will not be complete if you will not be able to visit the Ogtong Cave. First, you need to visit the Sta. Fe Beach Club because it is owned by them and it is also located inside the resort.

29 30 30a

Water is pristine and crystal clear. It is a relaxing and peaceful to swim down here.

31 32




Sta. Fe Beach Club swimming pool.



The beautiful Sta. Fe Beach Club.



Another sunset shot. How surreal!


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