Barili, Cebu 2015

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Hi everyone! I have been missing in action for last last few weeks and I know I failed to post fashion blogs. I have been hospitalized for a week and spent another week regaining strength because I have been seriously ill. I will not be elaborating about my illness since it is also not life threatening, but it inhibit me in doing fashion shoots. I am not sure when will I be able to do fashion shoot so I can post a fashion blog but I will be posting alternative blogs in the mean time. And what I will be posting today is my travel to Barili which is a town in the South of Cebu province.

Our Barili trip was very spontaneous and certainly not planned. My boyfriend and 2 other friends, decided to go on the very last minute. Well, unplanned trip is certainly the best.


Our first stop is the Molave Milk Station. They sell fresh cows milk and ice cream here which is something I always look forward to in every visit on the South of Cebu.

IMG_20150928_102702_HDR IMG_20150928_102959_HDR



Next is the Tilapia Fishing Village and Restaurant. The activities you can do here is to go on fishing for Tilapia and swim at their public pool. Furthermore, you can also dine at their restaurant and order Tilapia, chicken and pork then have it cooked in your own preference. They also have rooms here if you want to stay overnight.

IMG_20150928_112850_HDR IMG_20150928_120137_HDR IMG_20150928_120248_HDR

We ordered nilagang manok bisaya, grilled pork belly and sinugbang tilapia. Boy, they cook really good here and the price is very cheap compared to dining in Cebu City restaurants.


Just close to the Tilapia Fishing Village is our friends’ family farm that we visited to see goats and ride ATV. Yes, my boyfriend has been bugging me about travelling to Barili because he want to ride the ATV at our friends’ farm.


They have a lot of Calamansi plants and this picking is really getting serious.



Their goat barn. I have not seen a lot of goat in my life and here they are, all kinds and sizes.

IMG_20150928_140843_HDR IMG_20150928_140858_HDR



Standing in the middle of the Papaya trees contemplating if I am going to pick one.


And just close to the Tilapia Fishing Village and our friends’ farm is the Mantayupan Falls. I love nature watching and I have been chasing Waterfalls since last year. Their beauty is just mesmerizing and I wonder how god came to create such an amazing sight.


Mantayupan Falls has 2 levels and this is the first level with 3 small waterfalls.



This is the second level with waterfall height of 98 meters. This scenic view is jaw dropping.



Our last stop before we head back to the City is the Gustoso Pizza and Pasta restaurant as per recommendation of our friend. He told us that this is the best pizza house in Barili.


It surely did not disappoint because their thin crust pizza is very delicious. We ordered Pepperoni Pizza, Ham and Mushroom Pizza, Spaghetti and Carbonara.

IMG_20150928_163210_HDR IMG_20150928_163722_HDR


Before I end this blog allow me to pose for my own #ootd shots.

IMG_20150928_161848_HDR IMG_20150928_162024 IMG_20150928_162209_HDR



And meet the gang! My boyfriend and our 2 other friends, Alex and Mona. It was indeed a very productive rest day and we enjoyed so much! Thanks to this 2 for showing us around.