Benefit Cosmetics Opens in Cebu!

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DSC_0002I might be one of the girls who only knew Benefit cosmetics by name but never really tried their products. So, the moment I got an invitation for the opening of their first store in Cebu, I am one happy Cebuana. Happy that finally, I will be able to try the beauty product everyone is raving about. Their cute product packaging is also something that I am looking forward to in having inside my make-up kit.

To enlighten girls like me who are not familiar about the brand, let me share what I have learned through research. Benefit Cosmetics LLC is a cosmetics company that started in San Francisco, California by the Ford twins Jean and Jane. This is where they introduced their fast and fabulous beauty solutions and made customers laugh out loud with their beauty locker room banter. The twin sisters’ motto was… “Make up doesn’t have to be serious to look good!” Their unique approach to beauty was an instant hit and helped make Benefit one of the worlds beloved makeup brands. I also love their beauty Benefesto that says “Laughter is the best Cosmetic.” Absolutely true!

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I finally saw Kryz Uy in Cebu! She is one of the fashion bloggers that I really looked up to and the one who inspired me to start a fashion blog. I was really wishing we would bump into each other in one of the events, and it never happened until today!

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Benefit is the hotspot for beauty fake-its, on-the-spot “make-uppers” and signature beauty services. Want to check some cute stuff and get their signature brow wax service? Visit them on their newly opened pink doors at:
Benefit Boutique
Upper Ground Level, City Wing
SM Seaside Cebu


IMG_20160814_100225_HDRBefore I end this blog, let me show you my Benefit cosmetic loots. I will finally be able to use their product! Thank you Benefit!