Bluer than Blue

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Bluer than Blue

Outfit Details:

Dress: Belle Jean Clothing
Bag: Parisian
Shoes: H&M
Earrings: Parfois
Bracelet: Nima


I am wearing blue today because I am literally feeling blue. I will tell you about it later. So for now, I will talk about my outfit. This dress if one of my favorite dresses to date because of its unique style. It is made of cotton and spandex which is what I like considering the amount of comfort it gives me. The dress is plain and simple, no complicated and intricate details which I really love because it make me look polished. I paired it with black suede pumps for added sophistication and black bag for attitude.


It is 4 AM my time, I am wide awake and contemplating about my recent bag splurge because I think I have just made the first purchase that I regret so much. So this is how the story goes. It’s been a month since I started looking for a perfect leather backpack for my upcoming travel to Hong Kong. I’ve already been to 3 big malls here in Cebu looking for the “perfect one” and quite honestly the quest was so difficult for me because if I like a certain bag it always has a flaw that makes me not wanna buy it.


I saw an olive green backpack in Topshop and of all the backpacks I saw, it was the the bag that almost met my perfect one criteria. I did not buy it right away when I saw it because I was planning to visit SM Seaside and see what they have. After a week, I went to SM Seaside and to my disappointment, no backpack pleases me. I was a bit frustrated already because I was also looking for the “perfect white sneakers” while looking for the “perfect backpack” and looking for the white sneakers is also a challenge, much more challenging than looking for a bag because most of the shoes I like do not have my size.


So a week after, I went back to Ayala and for the second time started looking for the white sneakers and backpack when I already did it before. Sneakers, still a disappointment because the one I like from Pull and Bear (which, the last time I checked still there but no size for me) was already sold out. So we went to Topshop and saw the Olive green backpack again, it still have that certain effect on me. It’s still my first choice of all backpacks I saw. I asked the Sales lady if they have a new stock, she said it’s already all out. So the backpack that I was holding was just one of the last 2 on display. That was a hint that I need to buy it. Though I have reluctance, I still bought it because I don’t want to end up losing my last option because honestly, I was already very tired. It’s been a month since I started looking for backpack and shoes and I still have a big problem about shoes so I want to eradicate one problem by buying the bag. I was happy with the purchase even if it left a big hole in my pocket because the bag costs P2,600.00.


The day after, I attended an event in SM Seaside for the launching of Summer and Spring 2016 Collection of Sfera, the moment I entered the store, I saw the bag I was looking for. The bag that fits the “perfect one” criteria. I was holding it, looking at it and regret started sinking in. At the back of my mind, it’s shouting “Why didn’t I wait?”. I was holding it and I can’t put it down. If you have read the book or watched the movie Confession of a Shopaholic, what I felt at that time was what Rebecca Bloomwood always feel when she wants to buy something. She can’t put it down and she will do everything to bring it home. Don’t get me wrong, I am not a shopaholic and will never be. My purchases are reasonable and only if needed and I see that I will be using it in the long run. Another regret? I have a 20% discount because I am an invited guest for the event. So since I can’t put it down, what I did was to call my roomate who told me she also wanted to buy a backpack and told her I will buy it for her and give her the discount which she agreed.


After I took the bag home, the total regret sunk in. The Sfera backpack is what I want and I don’t want my Topshop bag anymore. I want to sell it and buy a Sfera bag even if I don’t have discount anymore. The Sfera bag regular price is P1,449 is which a thousand buck lower than my Topshop bag. The Sfera bag that I bought for the room mate was only P1,160.00 because of the 20% discount. If I only waited, I could have saved P1,500.00 more. Everytime I think about it, it makes me really sad.


Lesson learned: If in doubt, don’t buy! You are just wasting money. Take it from me guys.