Boho Picnic Party in La Maison Lavande

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The day I decided to do another unforgettable birthday celebration was just a few days after the news about the Humboldt Bronchos bus crash. Days before that, I was looking for cute cafes with a nice interior for a simple celebration with my friends, but after that fatal crash that killed players aged 16-21, I realized that our lives will flash before our eyes and before we knew it we will not have birthdays to celebrate anymore. I felt extremely sad for the young lives that were taken, but at the same time, I felt thankful for the life God has given me and blessed to reach the age of 29.

The day I found God was the day I found my life’s purpose. Now, I am living my life day by day for me to appreciate even the smallest detail of how great my day went. I start my day with a prayer of gratitude for another day to live and I make sure that I end it feeling accomplished. I read the bible, write down the verse that made an impact in a piece of paper, tape it on my closet door or highlight the ones that I want to see every time I open the bible. My life has been meaningful because I have God in my heart.

So here’s a story of how come up with this year birthday idea. I was sitting at my work station thinking about a good way to celebrate my birthday. I realized my birthday falls during Summer time which means a good outdoor activity will be fun. Something close to nature for me to appreciate God’s creation, then just like that, the idea of going to the Lavender farm was born. I’ve always wanted to visit Provence in Southern France to see their amazing Lavender fields, but I knew it’s not gonna happen soon, so when I discovered La Maison Lavende, I made it my goal to visit the field one day when it is in full bloom. My birthday is on the 10th of July, but the available date they have for me is the 29th of July which is already very late but I still want to make it happen.

The initial plan was for us to wear all white, including me. However, I made some last minute change (with the approval of my friends) that I will be wearing a white dress with red prints so I would look different, hence, I chose this Suzy Shier Poppy printed dress. I love vintage style, my Aunt thinks I was born in the wrong era. If only Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly will come back to life, vintage fashion will also be resurrected and I will be really happy.

Marjolaine from La Maison Lavande arranged everything for me, the Boho Picnic table setting, decoration, food, and assigned server, everything has been taken cared of. All that I have to do is bring myself and my friends.

La Maison Lavande is located in St. Eustache, an off-island suburb of Montreal, in the western side of Quebec. The travel time to get there is only 35 minutes if you are traveling from Montreal. The weather was good on that day, it was sunny and the skies are blue. On our way, we were greeted by beautiful countryside landscape and lush greenery. Road tripping to this side of town feels like being in the movie, but still, the best part was the arrival in the Lavender farm.

Lavender fields are in full bloom in July, at the peak of Summer. How lucky am I? La Maison Lavande is exactly how I dreamed and imagined it to be. The enchanting landscape of beautiful lavenders fills the air with its subtle yet intoxicating scent. My beautiful Boho Picnic setup in the middle of the field with a long table lined with a vintage looking table runner topped with mason jars with lavenders and colorful bohemian throw pillows under a white canopy gave me a little oasis of peace. I can feel the warm summer breeze on my face and my heart sing the tune of genuine gratitude.


Outfit Details:

Dress: Suzy Shier
Shoes: H&M
Hat: Jingguan
Bracelet: Pandora

Photos by: Olive Mae and Claire