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I am a fashion blogger; lifestyle blogging is not my thing where in people is updating people what is new in town. My blog is really personal, it only contains thing I want to blog particularly fashion because that is the reason why I created my domain.  But I do blog other things, such as restaurants that become my favorite, places that have been very remarkable and unforgettable travels. My blog is sort of my diary. I already got tired writing in my diary because what I write are not secrets, so I decided to share it through blogging.


Today, I will be sharing my dining experience to my now new favorite restaurant in Cebu, Brique. For those who do not know where Brique is located, it is at Salinas Drive, Lahug Cebu City beside Chika-an Restaurant and STI College. When this restaurant was still under construction I already know that this is going to be a big deal just like the Pizza Republiq when it opened, which is not just far from where Brique is located.


When a new restaurant opens and it has an interesting structure and design, people will go there out of curiosity. If people will be satisfied with the food, word of mouth will spread and words will become wind. This is how Brique started. I am not into craze type of person. I do not go where all people go because I dislike queue and crowded place. I will only go there once the craze is over and the restaurant will just be as normal. I know Brique is still a craze even after few months, so we went there on weekdays 4PM (yes, not dinner time), because I know the place will be crowded at dinner time.



This is how it looks like inside. The interior is perfect and well designed. If you noticed cemented floor, walls and the front counter is not painted, it is just cement finished, but it looks really sophisticated. They have this longitudinal wine storage you can see in the wall that can be reached through the ladder. This place is really cool. I mean, there are not a lot of restaurant that has this interior. They have a second floor but it was not open at the time we visited so I was not able to take a picture.


Let us move to the main event, the menu and the food.


For my drinks, I ordered Cafe Mocha, P80.00. I am not really into coffee, but I need to be awake for the next few hours because I have a travel itinerary to make. I love it, truly, it is a concentrated cafe mocha. Not like the other Cafe Mocha from other restaurant that I tasted that are just so diluted with lots of ice. This coffee has lots of ice but since it is diluted, the taste did not charge.



For starter we ordered Chili Con Queso Dip, P165.00. This is a Mexican spiced beef chilli with Mozzarella cheese. I love dips, if I see dips in the menu, I always order one. The other dip that I like is the Mozarella dip of Cafe Georg, but Brique’s Chili Con Queso dip is also exceptional.



For main dish you can have a choice of Salad or Rice. We chose Salas for this Southern Fried Chicken, at P260.00. It is 2 chicken breast fillet served with country style gravy. Wow for this chicken as it is very flavorful and wow for the gravy that I wished I could ask for more.



This is the Braised Beef Pot Roast for P240.00. It is a tender beef pot roast with potato, carrots, and mushrooms served in thick gravy. This is really delicious and highly recommended. I just hope the serving is a lot more because I only have few beef slices. Though, I really love the sauce I finished it all clean plate.



This is a feast!


So here in my verdict: I score 5/5, 2 points for food, 2 points for place and ambience, and 1 point for customer service.


For the food, I will give a score of 2. The serving may not be that big but the food is exceptional. It is favorful and tasty; I wish to try other menu next time and will still get this kind of satisfaction.



For the place and ambiance, its 2 points. I loved the interior design, the originality and the comfort the place brings. It is clean including the toilet.


For the customer service, this will be tough as I am also working in customer service and my standard has become really high. I will give them 0.25 points. Servers are nice no problem with that, but they are not smiling and they don’t look approachable. They gave us a menu and forgot about us afterwards. We waited for 15 minutes for them to take our orders; good thing we were not in a hurry as we are also taking time appreciating the place and we are not that hungry. I was raising my hand more than 5 times and no one seems to notice. There were only few customers but the service is really slow. I was not upset with the servers because they were kind when they approach; I just have something to say about the slow service.



That is a total of 4.25 points for me.  The place and the food is truly amazing, I wish they will just improve customer service. The smile that I have is for you Brique. I want you to know that I enjoyed my dining experience.