Cafe Tiala

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Coffee shops and tea shops are the latest craze in town. They are emerging like sprouts all over the metro. Each shop has their theme, some shops has post it’s all over the place, big stuff toys, and kawaii interior designs. I guess in order for you to become the “craze”, you will need to be unique, not just with the taste of your food and drink but most importantly the ambiance. The cooler, the better. Let us have a look at Cafe Tiala. The first time I saw the place and the photos that people are uploading, I said to myself that I need to see this place ASAP.



When we arrived, they are indeed full packed. I guess this is always the case if you go to a place where all people want to go. So we have to patiently wait for our turn.



This is the waiting area. You surely wouldn’t mind waiting if this is going to be your waiting throne.




This is what you will see when you enter the cafe. It is very polished from top to bottom.


The interior design suits the theme of Princess room. Who would not love to become a princess for a few hours, right?





This is the second floor. Please don’t be shocked if there are no seats, because they really do not have seats. You will need to seat on the floor. No worries because the floor is really clean.

DSC_0188 DSC_0189 DSC_0190 DSC_0191

This is just so lovely.

DSC_0192 DSC_0193

Ever wonder what this cute box is?



Chadahhh.. It’s the menu.



This is really interesting. I know this is hard to read, so let me write that down for you.

  1. Student 10% off (show your school ID)
  2. Birthday 10% off (show your ID)
  3. Couple 10% off (show me love)
  4. Reserve 10% off
  5. Post on your Facebook directly 15% off

BUT, You cannot get DOUBLE discount.


Let’s now try their food and drinks.


Java Chip Frappucino, P179.00. This is my favorite frap flavor that I love to order in Starbucks. It’s really amazing how Cafe Tiala exceeded my expectation with their Java Chip because I think this is creamier and tastier than the other Java Chip fraps I’ve tried in other coffee shops.



Blueberry Smoothie, P149.00. I love everything Blueberry, may it be cheesecake, jam, and candies. That is why we also tried their Blueberry smoothie. The only issue that I have with this smoothie is that it is too diluted. I guess they were not able to calculate that they’ve added too much water than Blueberry flavoring.



Tiala Sandwich, P179.00.



Gimbab, P129.00. Since I love maki and sushi, I loved their Gimbab as well. Taste really good. A must try food in Cafe Tiala.



I am on one of the rooms with flat screen TV. What they play are mostly Korean music bands such as Girls Generation and 2ne1.



Look how cute their waitresses on their Lolita outfits! Definitely loved it.



It’s verdict time!


My own scoring is 5/5. That is 2 points for food, 2 points for place and ambiance, and 1 point for customer service. For food, I will give them 2 points even if their Blueberry Smoothie is a little diluted. The rest of the foods that we ordered are really amazing, so it doesn’t matter anymore.


For place and ambiance, still 2 points, because the place is polished, clean and really stands for their theme.


Customer service is 1 point because their cute waitresses are really courteous and smiling. That makes it 5/5, my perfect score!!



Looking happy and full. Burp! Opps..


Cafe Tiala is located at:

2nd Floor, The Forum Bldg., Archbishop Reyes Avenue, Cebu City

Phone Number: (032) 260-5503

Operating hours: 10AM-12PM