Cagayan De Oro, Philippines

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If there is one thing that people are anticipating when visiting Cagayan De Oro, that is White Water Rafting. This is considered an extreme sport only suitable for risk takers just like me. White Water rafting is included in my extreme sports bucket list, I guess if there will be something I will not try, it will just be Bungee jumping because it’s like diving head first to your death.


When we visited Cagayan De Oro, this was the first thing we did. We contacted Kagay White Water Rafting for our afternoon adventure. We chose the afternoon rafting schedule because we were late on our arrival and we were not able to go with the early morning rafting. With afternoon rafting it will only be 21 rapids in 2 hours, unlike the morning scheduled rafting wherein it is almost 50 rapids for 4 hours.


River view at the starting point. It is like “the calm before the storm” thing here.



I chose to wear rash guard and a colorful Aztec leggings for this rafting activity because of high risk of getting scratches if the boat will be capsized. I don’t want to go home bruised and scratched.

03 04

Life vest, helmet and paddle are my added accessories.



All set and ready with my sister, Belle.


06 07

This was the first rapid. I was too scared, I thought I’m gonna die (but I did not). I’m happy I’ve conquered that fear.

08 09 10

When the water is clear and steady, our tour guide give us chance to practice floating since we are only allowed to float if the boat will be capsized. I also took this opportunity for me to enjoy the water.



There are only 4 of us in the boat including our tour guide.



Another rapid.



While waiting for the next rapid, I transferred to our photographers kayak and we take turns with paddling. I enjoyed the beautiful scenery because I felt really close to nature.



The team! The guy on the left is another tourist who’s with us during rafting, my sister and our tour guide.



The last rapid is one of the most dangerous rapid because the possibility of getting capsized is high, but with team work we were able to paddle back to our safety.


Last group photo to the finish line. This is something I will never forget and something that I will surely not forget. White water rafting brought me so much adrenaline and nerve wracking fear, but at the end of the day, you will just say “I survived!”.



I have never felt this close to my sister and I am glad we have traveled this far because it only made us realize how blessed we are to have each other. Thank you for being the best “Ate” in the world.


Check out our White Water Rafting video below:



To end the hungry night we visited Missy Bonbon Breadshop for our dinner.



Cakes make me drool and these ones are just too lovely to eat.



I ordered Pesto pasta and my sister ordered Tapa meal. The food are just so-so (not so bad and not so good).



Cookies and cream and Chocolate fudge smoothie.



Black forest cake. I don’t like it, it’s too dry, soft and airy. Red ribbon black forest cake will still be my favorite.


The experience was so awesome and unforgettable. This has been the best time I had with my sister and we will surely be travelling more. Visit Cagayan De Oro and try White Water Rafting, this is a highly recommended activity in CDO.