Call For The Wild

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Outfit Details:

Dress: Esprit
Shoes: So fab!
Sunnies: Wear Vintage
Bracelet: Sfera
Ring: Call it Spring


It is unusual for me to wear brown dress (for the record this is the first). I don’t wear a color that is almost identical with my skin complexion, but I realized that if I choose the right pieces to match it with, I wouldn’t have any problem at all. Black and gold pieces complete this ensemble and thanks to my neighbour’s vined wall my photos came out amazing.


By the way, I am wearing the sunnies that I fought so hard just for me to get. For someone like me who eat and drink fashion, looking for a fashionable piece is like looking a dish that you are craving. I’ve been looking for this “Dior So Real” inspired sunnies for the longest time. I was expecting I could buy it in Hong Kong when I went there last April, but we did not find one in Ladies Market and Night Market. I was lucky enough after I came across this account in IG selling different types of sunnies, its Wear Vintage or @wearvintageph in IG. They are Manila based but they are also selling their sunnies here in Cebu through Emporium. To save shipping fee, I went straight to Emporium after I confirmed through Wear Vintage that they are restocking at Emporium and it should be delivered on the same day. As if it was a life and death situation, I went there with haste and to my disappointment it was not displayed so I approached the Sales Lady and showed her the photo of the sunnies that I want to buy. She confirmed new stocks arrived and it is already in their stock room but they cannot release it because it was not checked yet, and I was like, “Really?? I am here and ready to buy but you cannot give it to me because it was not yet checked?.”


I went to talk to the girl in the cashier and asked her if she can do it for me, she was quick to decline and said they cannot give me the sunnies for the same reason and that I need to go back the day after if I want to buy. At that time, I was already feeling a bit pissed because:
1. They already have the stock, all they have to do is to give me one.
2. The stock room is on the same floor, and same building. It is not in Moalboal or in Bantayan Island.
3. I am the customer and ironically I am the one begging for them to sell me something.
4. I was already there so why would I go back the day after when I know that they can give it to me right there and then because they have the stock?
5. Poor customer service, poor rebuttals and every reason she tells me just aggravates me.


I understand that she is just doing her job but she is not making an effort to make her customer satisfied and make her boss happy that she got a sale. It’s not as if I am going to buy a lot, I am just going to buy a pair so I also don’t understand the checking thing when she could just list it down that she released one for a very desperate customer. I asked for Supervisor, Manager and anyone from high above (god almighty if she could give me), but she said there was no one there but them. And I was again like “Really? your store doesn’t have Supervisor or Manager present?” I gathered all my initiative and asked for the store owner’s phone number. Yes, I am that desperate. I called and talked to the owner, she was really nice and accommodated my request. In 2 minutes, they were able to give me the sunnies I want.


I came out victorious through this ordeal and the girl in the cashier doesn’t look pleased and happy because I won. Well, it wouldn’t have reached that far if they have the initiative and passion for customer service. Definitely not going back to Emporium, but I’m glad I now have my favorite sunnies in my hand.