Philippines: Canyoneering Adventure in Badian, Cebu

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I was going over my photos during my vacation in the Philippines and saw all these photos from our Canyoneering Adventure in Badian, South of Cebu and I realized, this is a once in a lifetime experience so why not share it with all of you guys! I love traveling as evidenced by all the travel blogs I’ve been posting here, but I am not an extreme adventurist. During the hype of Canyoneering, I was still living in Cebu City but never did it cross my mind that I am going to do it. People from my previous workplace would go team building in a form of Canyoneering, coz why not? You Only Live Once right? But I keep on telling them that I am not in a rush to die.

Before my return to the Philippines, my sister asked me to go Canyoneering with her and her friends. I was so surprised! My sister, who is always so scared now want to jump from one waterfall to another? That brings back memories from our White Water Rafting Adventure in Cagayan De Oro where I had to reassure her all the time that everything will be okay. Mind you, I have to skip the part where there was an accident that took the life of an adventurer 2 months prior. When we were almost done with our White Water Rafting adventure, after passing through hard obstacles, our tour guide told us about the accident and she was horrified, I felt guilty. Nevertheless, it was all in the past and I was just happy that my sister found the courage to go for another extreme adventure with me.

Aside from chronicling this exhilarating/mortifying adventure, I will also give details on how to go to Badian from Cebu City, things to prepare and fees to pay.

First and foremost, you have to prepare yourself. Canyoneering is an extreme adventure, it requires a healthy body and good stamina and most importantly emotional stability and psychological readiness. If you have it all, let’s move on to the second part.

How to get to Badian? If you landed in Mactan Cebu International Airport or you are anywhere in Cebu City, take a taxi or an uber to South Bus Terminal, find the sign that says Badian and buy your bus ticket. There are non-airconditioned and airconditioned buses to choose from. My knowledge about bus fare is no longer updated, but it was between PHP90.00-110.00 depending on the bus. If you arrange your Canyoneering adventure ahead of time, some operators offer Van pick up from Cebu City for an extra fee.

The Canyoneering fee is PHP1,500.00 per person, it includes dedicated tour guide for the group, transportation to the jump-off point, gears such as life vest and helmet, entrance fees and taxes and Filipino lunch in one of the restaurants near Kawasan Falls after the excursion. Prices may vary for locals and foreigners. That’s how it is in the Philippines, and surprisingly in Indonesia too when we went to Bali.

On the side note, please bring a dry bag for your important belongings such as wallet and cellphone and wear a good pair of shoes. Don’t wear those water or aqua shoes because there are long treks in between jumps. It is not just long but treacherous too.

 Our view while trekking from the main road to the jump off point. Motorcycles are no longer allowed to enter in this area.

This is me before my first jump, a bit scared but driven. The good thing is you will be jumping into pristine clear cold water. It may be cold but it’s good since it’s really hot in the Philippines.

  This is my “I came, I saw, I conquered” triumphant face after the last jump.

If you are planning to go to Badian I would recommend Lemuel, his contact number is +63 926 112 0868. I’m sorry I forgot the name of his company. Their team is amazing and took care of all our needs. No worries, he did not pay me to endorse him, this is purely out of gratitude from all his kindness.

Photos were taken using an iPhone inside a transparent dry pouch since we cannot bring DSLRs. Hence, the photo quality is a bit grainy.

Check out my amateur video here, if you want to have an idea how it looks like. I am not a vlogger so I don’t make amazing video contents. I make real ones. Lol.