Casual Luxe

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Outfit Details:

Top: Ozoc

Blazer: Collection ToKo

Skirt: Belle Jean Clothing

Flats: Katrina

Accessories: Beads and Pearls


This is definitely my no-brainer outfit that I could easily pull out from my closet in cases that need to go somewhere that requires less than 30 minutes preparation time. I know that I would always require a longer preparation time when going out since it is always mandatory for me to look good and always be on my best self when going out. I have this mantra for quite some time now. I know that everyone of us have already had this experience that you went out less prepared and suddenly you bumped into a high school friend, an ex boyfriend, a crush or perhaps an old colleague in the street and you look as horrible as you feel. That is why, regardless if I do not have plans on meeting someone I would still want to be on my best self by gearing up with this on the dot outfit transformation.


This is what I always do every time I go out with so little preparation time :

1. I usually grab the most comfortable top I could find in my closet (preferably a tank top or spaghetti strap)

2. A blazer will be my best cover up for all weather condition and if the place that I will be going to would require me to be at least conservative.

3. Skirt is excellent for any occasion, may it be meeting a friend, going to church or a dinner date.

4. You will never go wrong with a good pair of comfortable flats.