It’s been a long time since I last posted my blog. Blame it to my French exam followed by a panic-stricken earthquake of 7.2 magnitude that hit Cebu and believe me we’ve experienced 2 days of aftershock.   Moving on, my blog today is in connection with my last blog Queen of the race track. […]

Double Birthday celebration with Shy

This “I guess” will be the last birthday blog that I am going to post. This time, it is not just my birthday. It is a double celebration of me and Shy. Our birthdays are just 2 days apart and for us to be able to save, we decided to celebrate it together. I live […]

My Birthday at Gusto with my Labz and Mommy Love

Celebrating my 24th year of existence is like looking at days in the calendar as it flies so fast. It’s like, I was 18 yesterday and now I am already 24-not-so-young-years-of-age. I am not the type of person who throws big parties on my birthday. I always want my birthday to be intimate with a […]

My Birthday with Schreyvogel Family

Amy is my best-friend since college. We have done a lot of things together; including weekend night outs, travel to Davao to see her family, birthday parties, sharing apartment, borrowing dresses and a whole lot more. I’ve known her inside and out just like how she knows me. Her life changed when she got married […]