2019 Book Recap

It is already mid-2020, but I have not posted my annual book recap of 2019 yet. Blame it on the exciting 2020! Anyhow, 2019 is not my productive reading year either because of the six months that I spent in nursing school and the almost three months of nursing board exam review. That left me […]

2018 Book Recap

Year 2018 has ended which means an end to my book reading goal of that year. I set 24 books to read for 2018, so that is like 2 books per month, but guess what? I only read 14 books. Same book count in 2017. My reading plans got interrupted because of the months I […]

2017 Book Recap

I have just posted my 2016 Book Recap a week ago and I am now on my 2017 Book Recap list. I reviewed my Booklist since 2013 and I noticed that my book choices have changed. I started liking non-fiction which was a no-no for me before and I did not read that much about […]

2016 Book Recap

I realized I did not do book recap for 2016 and 2017, and I know it is late to do that now, but I will still be sharing this with all of you since some of my readers still ask for a book recommendation. I don’t do book reviews so for sure there is none […]

2015 Book Recap

It may not be known to everyone that I am also a bookwork, let me tell you: I AM!   I started reading books back in College because of my bestfriends’ influence. The first book I started reading was the Harry Potter series. Who in this world don’t love Harry Potter? Surely no one. I […]

2014 Book Recap

This is totally a shame. Out of the 25 books that I promised myself I would read for 2014, I only completed 12. Reading is something that I really love doing, but due to my busy schedule, I just can’t find time to read some more. I think I will still aim for 25 books […]