2018 Book Recap

Year 2018 has ended which means an end to my book reading goal of that year. I set 24 books to read for 2018, so that is like 2 books per month, but guess what? I only read 14 books. Same book count in 2017. My reading plans got interrupted because of the months I […]

2017 Book Recap

I have just posted my 2016 Book Recap a week ago and I am now on my 2017 Book Recap list. I reviewed my Booklist since 2013 and I noticed that my book choices have changed. I started liking non-fiction which was a no-no for me before and I did not read that much about […]

2016 Book Recap

I realized I did not do book recap for 2016 and 2017, and I know it is late to do that now, but I will still be sharing this with all of you since some of my readers still ask for a book recommendation. I don’t do book reviews so for sure there is none […]

2015 Book Recap

It may not be known to everyone that I am also a bookwork, let me tell you: I AM!   I started reading books back in College because of my bestfriends’ influence. The first book I started reading was the Harry Potter series. Who in this world don’t love Harry Potter? Surely no one. I […]

2014 Book Recap

This is totally a shame. Out of the 25 books that I promised myself I would read for 2014, I only completed 12. Reading is something that I really love doing, but due to my busy schedule, I just can’t find time to read some more. I think I will still aim for 25 books […]

Books I’ve read in 2013

My goal was to finish 24 books for the year 2013, unfortunately, due to my busy 2013 schedule; I was not able to read 24, but 17. My book reading time was lessened due to my 4 months French Class and 1 month IELTS review. I can no longer squeeze in book reading because what […]