A Pop of Red

Red is the colour of boldness; it will always be a show stopper if you know how to style it. I took my gorgeous J.Crew spring coat out at the start of spring to enjoy comfortable chilly weather while strolling in this cute little village at Centre de la Nature in Laval, Quebec. It was […]

Exploring the outdoors with the newest UNIQLO Sport Utility Wear

How are you doing with your social distancing and quarantine? I hope you are finding time in keeping the boredom at bay while adhering to the government’s mandate about social distancing when outside. As an essential worker, I am not qualified to quarantine but it does get lonely sometimes being isolated from everyone aside from […]

Guess who’s back?

As I am writing this post, Without Me by Eminem keeps on playing in my head so I decided to play it on my phone and jam in the early morning hours while drafting my first come back post because “Guess, who’s back? Back gain? Waren’s back” Lol. This is my first blog post after […]

Rocking Autumn in eShakti

Did time just fly so fast? It is already the end of autumn and we are about the enter my most dreaded season, winter. However, before autumn ends, I made sure I was able to rock it with an ideal autumn piece from my trusted clothing company eShakti. This is my second customized dress from […]

So Long Everybody!

These photos were taken at the start of spring, so it was still a bit cold hence I am wearing a coat. I was with my friend walking around McGill University Campus. It was a calm and peaceful day and I was feeling elated for the coming of better days. At this time, I was […]

Customized Dressing by eShakti

The evolution of online shopping gave us the convenience of shopping in the comfort of our home. I am a fan of online shopping. Ever since I arrived in Canada, I stopped going to the stores to shop. Most of my clothes are bought online since I don’t have to rummage through racks and racks […]