Spring Transition

Today, I am posting throwback Spring photos of me 2 years ago. It was my first spring here in Canada right after a very traumatic winter experience where I can no longer count how many snow storms have passed. These photos are just test shots and looking at it now, I realized it showed the […]

Pretty in Print

Another pretty dress from my highly recommended brand Dokotoo is their Floral Print Boho Midi Dress. Of all the floral dresses I own, I did not realize that I don’t have it in red. I was surprised of how stunning it looks like in picture and in person. I have soft spot for everything floral […]

Earthly Delights

It’s not summer yet but I am already very excited to wear my summer dresses. And the best place to wear them? At the Montreal Botanical Garden Greenhouse. This is the first time that I visited the Botanical Garden during the day. The first time was to watch the Gardens of Light exhibit in the […]

Lakeside Florals

Summertime is my other favorite season because I get to wear my pretty dresses, sunglasses and fedora hats. While they are currently stowed away and waiting to be unveiled once spring ends, let me just take a moment to reminisce how lovely my previous summer is. These photos were all taken in Niagara-on-the-Lake (that is […]

My 2016-2017 Handbag Collection

I am a handbag lover. The secret is out and I am going to atone for every impulse buying with zero remorse. My love for fashion knows no boundaries, I have so many footwears that I already lost count of how many I have, but I was never particular about the brand and quality of […]

Polar Vortex

We visited Cabane à Sucré in Mirabel, Quebec during our Spring Break and got to enjoy sunny but very cold winter weather. I don’t usually post winter fashion entry because I don’t want to be out in the cold, but since the weather is amazing, I might as well wear something colorful to add some […]