Bringing Sunshine in Putrajaya

Another outfit photos taken in Malaysia! This time I am wearing yellow. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I’ve been obsessing with all things yellow lately. I found myself in coats section looking for a mustard yellow fur coat or wool coat, which is not good when you are on a self-imposed shopping […]

Vacation Vibe

This is my outfit on our second day in Kuala Lumpur. Being in Southeast Asia will give you the privilege to wear summer breezy outfit all year round. I guess it is something that I miss about my home country, Philippines. It was year 2016 when I discovered Maxi Skirts. I was reluctant to wear […]

Winter Wonderland

Few days before Spring and we are still covered in snow here in Montreal. I know, North Pole problems. I was already preparing my Spring clothes, sorting out my pretty wool coats and parkas that’s been kept hidden for the entire winter season, but since we are still freezing, I have to put them back […]

A Black and White Approach

Fashion rule for short girls: No wearing of cropped pants such as culottes, Capri pants and pedal pusher because it will make you look shorter. That rule is optional, all fashion rules are optional. I like defying and breaking rules for me to see what I can and cannot wear. As fashion evolved and Korean […]

Fabric Blooms

These photos were taken during my recent trip to the Philippine and of course it will not be complete without a collaboration from my favorite photographer friend Cheny Santizas. Shots were taken at a random park we saw on our way for lunch. I felt the tropical vibe of my home country so, I wore […]

12 Things I Learned in 2017

2017 was my most difficult year, it was a year filled with highs and lows (mostly lows) and being away from my family and friends made it worst because I don’t have support system. The problem with me is, I’ve had my life pre-planned. I am futuristic and I always follow my own life plan […]