Ocean Garden Seafood Restaurant

I am a big fan of seafoods. Shrimps, prawns, scallops and squid are my top favorites. I’ve visited a lot of seafood restaurants here in Cebu and I was able to compare what restaurant cooks the most delicious shrimps, well cooked prawns and appetizing calamare dish. Last Tuesday, I attended the press launching for Ocean […]

Cafe Old Cul-De-Sac

Last December, (yes, December) we went to check on a restaurant that is located inside Sto. Nino Village. This is the second restaurant that I’ve known located on this secluded area. What I learned about marketing strategy is that your business needs to be in a strategic location for it to attract customers, however, this […]


I am a fashion blogger; lifestyle blogging is not my thing where in people is updating people what is new in town. My blog is really personal, it only contains thing I want to blog particularly fashion because that is the reason why I created my domain.  But I do blog other things, such as […]

West 35, Cebu

It was a fine beautiful day when we decided to visit West 35 2 weeks ago when the weather was not yet bipolar. The decision to go there was to dine at Haven Cafe as I have been reading great reviews about their good food at a very reasonable price. We intend to travel there […]

Cafe Tiala

Coffee shops and tea shops are the latest craze in town. They are emerging like sprouts all over the metro. Each shop has their theme, some shops has post it’s all over the place, big stuff toys, and kawaii interior designs. I guess in order for you to become the “craze”, you will need to […]