Quebec City 2020, Day 2

Our second day in Quebec City was just as memorable and extraordinary as the first. I’ve got to see the places that I’ve been wanting to explore, and since it is my goal to visit Quebec City in different seasons, summer visit has finally been ticked off the bucket list. If you haven’t checked the […]

Quebec City 2020, Day 1

Quebec City is my favourite city in North America. Nothing beats its old town vintage vibe that gives me excitement at the very thought of seeing it. The historical landmarks, cobbled streets and laid back atmosphere would make you wish you live there. This year is extra special because I travelled with the love of […]

Ontario: Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is one of the places that I would like to go back to. It has a particular appeal that will make you want to say “I shall return!” Last year, on our Toronto and Niagara trip, we were lucky that our travel agency got us a hotel in Niagara Falls instead of Toronto […]

Ontario: Afternoon in Toronto

After our 1000 Island Cruise in Kingston, we went straight to Toronto to see the Toronto City Hall and the iconic CN Tower. For someone from a very laid back city, I felt a bit suffocated in Toronto. We were welcomed by heavy traffic and packed street. Well, I guess we just need to learn […]

Ontario: 1000 Islands Cruise

It was summer last year when we went for a 2 days tour in Toronto and Niagara. En route to Toronto, we dropped by Kingston, Ontario to experience the 1000 Islands Cruise. I was a beautiful sunny day at that time. Everything around us is green and blue and the port is packed with tourist […]

Montreal Diaries: Summer

I love Montreal for thousands of reasons, I can’t specifically say which comes first because everything just falls on the first category. Before I came here, I thought I’m going to move to Toronto, to a bigger city with more opportunity, but as time passed by, I realized Montreal is where I belong. I fell […]