Bantayan Island, Cebu

On our 2 weeks leg of vacation, Bantayan Island was one of them. We were there for 5 days. We left the Island last November 6, 2013, 2 days before the strong typhoon Haiyan ripped off this beautiful paradise. Bantayan Island is now recovering from this wrath and surely it will just be as beautiful […]

Camotes Island

Just before the typhoon hit Visayas, I was in Camotes Island for 4 days celebrating the holy week. Taking a break from the busy life in Cebu City and enjoying the beautiful paradise island of Camotes. I felt lucky that I was able to see Camotes before it was destroyed by the strong typhoon Haiyan […]

El Nido, Palawan (Small and Big Lagoon)

This is the most challenging trip I’ve made. Going to El Nido from Puerto Princesa is quite a painful journey due to the very long travelling time. When I say painful journey, I meant it literally. We departed from Puerto Princesa at 7AM going to El Nido. We went there by van to avoid stop-overs […]

Puerto Princesa, Palawan (Underground River)

On our last day in Palawan, we indeed saved the best for last for visiting the Puerto Princesa Underground River (PPUR). I am proud to say that it is now one of the 7 Wonders of Nature. If you are planning a trip to visit the PPUR, you must need to book it ahead especially […]