Cebu Welcomes Professional Skin Care Formula by Dr. Alvin

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Before this product became a household name, I have been seeing a lot of my friends using it and even selling it because of its undeniable effectiveness  and profit they get with reselling. I’ve heard good testimonials about it that made me even more curious about the product.


When I got invited for their Grand Opening at Gaisano South in Cebu City, I was told that Dr. Alvin Matulac will be there too, so I was thrilled because I want to see the man who started it all and hear from him about the product that girls are crazy about.



Dr. Alvin is a very approachable person who honored my request for a brief interview and answered all my questions related to his products. So this is how the interview goes.


Me: When did you start producing and manufacturing Dr. Alvin beauty products?

Dr. Alvin: We started 18 years ago and we supplied dermatologists in Manila. Our vision is to become the leading manufacturer and exporter of world class skin care product and our Mission is to help the unemployed and to give job opportunities. We take on branding it and selling it online. Before, it was 1998, 18 years ago, we started with only 2 variants of soap and now we have more than 100 different bars of soap. We started our small office in San Francisco, Del Monte, Quezon City and now we are proud to say that we have 88 distribution centers nationwide.


Me: Are the products organic or mixed with chemicals?

Dr. Alvin: We have organic products, we have hypoallergenic products, but for whitening product it should have whitening ingredients like alpha arbutin derived from bearberry and kojic acid which is derived from sake, the one that we use for rice wine and for some also, we use organic products like papaya or papain. But for some it should also be mixed with chemicals for it to have synergistic effect.


Me: Do you have a specific skin type on each product?

Dr. Alvin: Yes. There’s product for combination skin, for oily skin, for dry skin, for acne prone skin and also for sensitive skin.


Me: How about for my skin?

Dr. Alvin: Actually, you have an oily skin so you can use the kojic soap or the rejuvinating set.


Me: There is one beauty product in the market that is a close competitor mostly because your products are the same. They also have product set. Is there something different with Dr. Alvin products from the other beauty product brand in the market?

Dr. Alvin: Our product is more affordable, its masa-base. It’s half the price compared to price of the competitor. I am not so familiar with the competitor’s product but our product is dermatologically formulated and dermatologically tested. We have our own team of dermatologists, pharmacists and chemists who did a research on developments. And aside from that, the 40% earnings go to the reseller, thus, they can earn a lot.



Did I just got a free consultation straight from Dr. Alvin? I feel so lucky now.



Dr. Alvin with Rudolf A. Kotik of RK Franchise Consultancy Inc. and Margarita Chua Nacua, a Dr. Alvin Cebu distributor.


Thank you so much for having me!


For products information, please visit their website at


For those interested in reselling, visit their Cebu distribution center at Gaisano South, Colon St., Cebu City.