Code Blue

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Outfit Details:

Dress: Lunatic Blue
Shoes: CLN
Accessories: Beads and Pearls


It’s already summer but I guess I am the one not too excited about it. Summer is not something that I always anticipate because that means wearing more cotton clothes and less silk and sheer, more sleeveless and less long-sleeve. I am defying all these summer must-wear because I just can’t sacrifice fashion over comfort. I am one of those” tiis-ganda” girls. Though I also want to be comfortable with what I am wearing, I also see to it that I am not missing so much with the fashion world.

There is something new that I don’t usually do when dressing up; it’s pairing the same color of dress and shoes. For me dress and shoes should be of different colors so that I will not look too overdressed, but since I want to experiment on something outside my usual predictable outfit I chose a simple strappy blue heels to match with my royal blue dress but I did chose black bag and accessories to complete this ensemble.