Convergys Q1 & Q2 2014 E-Care Recognition

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I do not usually blog about something that happens with my personal life especially if it is not anything fashion related for privacy reasons, but I cannot help not to share this with you guys because I consider this as one of my proudest moments. About a month ago, at exactly September 13, 2014 I was one of the awardees for the Quarter 1 and Quarter 2 recognition for the top performing agents in one of the largest BPO Company, Convergys. August 7, 2014 marked my 2 years of serving American customers for their billing issues and by giving the best customer service. In those 2 years, this is the first time that I was awarded and I was not even expecting that I will be awarded at all. The news came as a surprise. In a department with thousands of employees who wants to excel, you will not be expecting that you will be one of those who exceeded company’s expectation. Not at all when you are on the second rank.


The theme for the night was Black and White casual/semiformal attire. I came prepared. I want to be prepared because I do not know if this will be my first and my last or if this will happen to me again, but I would still want to be prepared. The event was held in Circa 1900, on one of their function rooms.

DSC_0081 DSC_0065


Before the program started and while we were eating, we were serenade by violinists and a cellist.





The food was served in buffet style, servers are very friendly and accommodating, but there is just something about the food that I really did not enjoy except for this Coconut and Mango Panna Cotta. I was too excited for the event that I no longer have time to think if the food was great or not.



I am sitting next to Stanley Sing, who has been very consistent on being a top performing agent.



The awarding started with the Quarter 1 awardees. Here I am with the management accepting my second rank award for Quarter 1. The photo was blurry, but I do not care, as I am holding my award and wearing the happiest smile.



The photo is my Company ID photo, along with my award.




Below are the photos of some of the awardees like me.


Stanley Jan Sing, second rank for Quarter 2 of the Cable Department.



Cathelyn Bohol, another Quarter 2 awardee of the Billing Department.



Leotacraze Pernites, second rank awardee for Quarter 2 of the Billing Department.



I do not have the photos of the other awardees, but I do have group shots. This one is the Quarter 1 awardees where I belong, for the Billing Department.



These are the Quarter 2 awardees for the Billing Department.



The Quarter 1 and Quarter 2 awardees for the Billing Department.



All awardees from the entire Ecare line of business Quarter 1 and Quarter 2, Team Leads, the management and our site director.


After the awarding I had the time to talk with my fellow awardees who are also my friends.

DSC_0033 DSC_0035




So happy to have a photo with our Site Director Alex Flores, he is seated in the center.



Photo with our Site Director, management team and fellow awardees.



With my dear friend Leotacraze.



With my TL Kazey Sy, to whom I owe this award as she was my TL for Quarter 1.




I love Leotacraze look. I was the one who styled her for this event.



And I also love my look. Wearing a dress from Ai Li Xuan, a Chinese brand that I bought online, thank god it fits me well, make up by Bernie Belles who is also a good friend of mine and a promising makeup artist, Shoes from Figliarina, and Accessories from Beads and Pearls.

DSC_0055 DSC_0064 DSC_0069 DSC_0074 DSC_0084



The night ended well, slept with my head still floating on cloud 9, woke up early the next day for another shift.