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The evolution of online shopping gave us the convenience of shopping in the comfort of our home. I am a fan of online shopping. Ever since I arrived in Canada, I stopped going to the stores to shop. Most of my clothes are bought online since I don’t have to rummage through racks and racks of clothes. Sometimes, I get a size bigger or smaller than my size and other times the fabric is thinner than what I expected. That is the risk of online shopping, but as I get familiar with brand sizing I also become familiar with my size in that particular brand.

Recently, an online clothing shop got in touch with me and offered something I have never tried before. The name of the online shop is eShakti. They have the coolest business theme because they will give you the power to customize their design based on your style preference. You have the autonomy to decide whether you like it short-sleeved or long-sleeved, closed neck or v-neck, above the knee or below the knee and etc, without going to see a seamstress. In eShakti, you literally have a virtual seamstress.

As I explored the website, I was inspired by their mission that says, “At eShakti, we never want to tell a woman her size is not available.” That is totally women empowering! The photo below is an example of how you can customize it to any design you please.

Just a friendly reminder, never guess your size! Take a measuring tape and have someone take your measurement in a comfortable fit for you because once it will be delivered, you can no longer bring it back like what you do with when you have an actual seamstress. They do have Return and Cancellation policy that you can read.

Let’s take a look at how conveniently easy is the order process.

I will choose this dress as an example. There is a dress description on the side with information about the color, fabric, dress details, and delivery wait time.

When you scroll down, that is where customization starts.

They will give you a standard sizing, but if you think the standard size doesn’t match with your actual size you have the option to manually enter your size.

I am so glad they asked for height. Clothes shopping in Canada is not fun especially for people who are 5’0 and below. Lol!

This is the fun part because this is where you get to decide how you want the dress to look like. For this sample, I chose; jewel neckline, elbow-length sleeves, and mini dress length.

The next page will be the check out page with the details of your customization, however, this does not include additional charges yet. On the next page, you will be asked to create an account (this is a bit inconvenient since they don’t have guest checkout, but also convenient to returning customers because you can save your size information). After creating an account, you will move to enter your shipping and billing address. Once that’s done you will be given your bill breakdown. For the sample dress above, this is my bill breakdown:

Pricing is in USD

The customizing fee only applies if you customize the dress, but if you will keep it the same as the original photo that the model is wearing, there will be no customizing fee. The other standard fees are duties, taxes, and shipping.

Now that I have shown you the easy breezy order process, this time, I will show you what eShakti sent me.

I was the one who customized my dress, I made a mistake in choosing my size so the dress is a bit loose but wearable enough. I chose to make it ankle length but changed my mind a few hours after and decided I just want it below the knee. I sent an email to their media relation channel for my request in changing the size but I did not get any response from them. I didn’t email again assuming they will just make the change for me but I was surprised when the dress arrived and it is ankle length like the first order. They have a different email for regular customers and I hope they do respond to customers in that email.

Sizing may have failed but I was amazed at how cleanly sewn it is. A friend who worked in the Quality Control Department of a high-end clothing company told me that high-quality clothes have strong stitches, that when you tug it by the seams the stitches hold it together and will not show gaps. And stitch lines should not be crooked. I may not have worked as clothes QA, but I can attest at its great quality. It is made of polyester and woven dupioni and lined with light poly taffeta and polyester moss crepe. I was supposed to wear this on my graduation, but this is more like a dress you wear at weddings than in graduation so I decided to keep it and wait for bigger occasions to wear it.

The best feature of the dress is the inner shoulder bra strap keeps. This is great for people who don’t like a strapless bra, like me, because you get to wear your regular bra but not get too self-conscious that strap may fall or show.

Would I recommend eShakti? Yes, definitely, but I would be honest that it is a bit pricey to regular earning customers especially if you will add the taxes, duties, shipping and customizing fee. I would maybe recommend this service for special occasions such as weddings, ball, galas, themed parties, graduation, and other grand occasions because it will definitely be worth it. But for daily and regular wear, I do not think this is necessary unless if you have a hard time finding your size in stores.

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