Dumaguete, Negros Oriental

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So here is the part 2 of my travel diary. We crossed the sea from Oslob to Dumaguete. We stayed 2 nights in Oslob then the next day drove to Santander, Cebu so we can ride a ferry to Dumaguete. The trip was only 30 minutes and you were already in Dumaguete. I am so excited to show you all my photos for this unforgettable escapade.


The first thing we did was to see the City. We went to Rizal Boulevard. This park is just beside the busy street of Dumaguete City, but this place can also be relaxing since it faces the ocean.

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This is the Sisters of Saint Paul statue in the middle of the Boulevard.


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Your Dumaguete trip will not be complete if you will not visit the Silliman University, one of the oldest Universities in the Philippines.


Due to excessive walking and strolling, we got hungry and looked for a nice place to dine. I am truly amazed that Dumaguete has lots of places to dine and all these places are really interesting and unique. I wish we had more time and we stayed longer so we could have had made the best food trip ever.


This is liempo. Yes, I love liempo so much.



Literally a huge burger. This can already be good as lunch I swear.






Dumaguete is very popular with their Silvanas and that can be found here in Sans Rival. We ordered 3 boxes we can take home and ordered cake and coffee so we can chill and plan for other things we can do.



Coffee choices.



Chillin’ at the corner waiting for my cake and my coffee.



That’s my Cafe Latte and Choco Lava.



One of the reasons why I decided to side trip to Dumaguete is to see Tierra Alta. I have seen lots of pictures of travellers visiting this place and I truly admired it. So for me, this travel will not be complete if I will not be able to visit Tierra Alta. This is the name of the high end subdivision in Dumaguete. I was fascinated with the mansions that we have seen upon entering the subdivision. Yes, we got to see those mansions because Tierra Alta is at the very top.



There is an entrance fee if you want to enter the clubhouse and that is P200.00.


a16 a17

Now this is what confuses me, I don’t know what this stone is doing in the middle of the receiving area. There was no signage what it is and why it was there.



This place is properly landscaped and I am so overwhelmed to see this view on the top of the mountain. I would just let you be awed with amazement as I no longer have a word to describe how magnificent this place is.

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This is my view from the top of the watch tower.


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It was already dark when we left and I still managed to have this photo taken at the subdivision entrance with wide smile on my face.



Before we left Cebu City, I was able to book our hotel through Agoda for our Dumaguete stay. We only stayed there for 1 night and I was able to get the best deal. The regular rate of the room that we booked is P1,600 but we were able to get the price down to P1,050. I cannot help not to share these awesome photos of Island’s Leisure Boutique Hotel and Wellness Spa.



This is our air-conditioned room; it is small but very descent at its price. We have a nice cable TV, heater and utensils. The bathroom is common with the other 3 bedrooms at the same rate, but during our travel we were the only guest so we do not have anyone to share the bathroom with. The other rooms already have its own toilet inside.



Everything about this place is really nice; I can’t help not to take pictures.

a37 a38 a39 a40 a41



This is the living room area for the deluxe rooms. Yes, each room types have their own living rooms like this. Ours is just really small because it is just for the regular rooms.



Admiring abstracts.




a45 a46

At the back they have rooms for massage. This is not just a hotel, this is also a spa. We could have indulged with therapeutic massage if we were not on tight budget.



This is the hotel restaurant. Our P1,050 promotional room rate already includes breakfast which is a good thing.



Filipino Breakfast: Corned beef with Sunny side up egg.



Continental breakfast: Toast, bacon, egg, strawberry jam and butter.


This place is a highly recommended place for travelers because it is very homey and relaxing.


Another placed removed from my bucket list. I hope you enjoyed my blog!