Earthly Revolution

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Outfit Details:

Dress: Satis Club
Coat: Fashion Classic
Shoes: Beat
Earrings: Parfois
Ring: Franck Herval


I am finally back on fashion blogging! I miss this tremendously, but I have been seriously sick causing an extended period of being missing in action. I also failed to attend all events that I get to be invited. It was more than a month of totally being away from the blogging world which is unusual of me.


As my come back outfit post, I chose earth tones and did a bit of layering since Christmas is just few months away and the weather will start to be chilly. I really love wearing layers which we do not usually do in the Philippines since we only have 2 seasons. So I just do layering when I am travelling. Underneath this coat is a rather sexy floral dress. I love floral dresses, it is my signature style staple. I will have a floral series outfit post and this will be the first. Watch out for more floral outfits on my upcoming blogs!