Eat All You Can Pasta

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My dear friend Ivy, invited me to this charitable lunch called Eat All You Can Pasta for P250. The people who organized this lunch aimed to raise funds to help the people from Bohol and Leyte and make them feel that Christmas is still Merry. The moment I received this invitation, I did not had a second thought because I know how it feels like when you are one of the people who are affected by such calamities. They need help and by supporting this event, it will create a big impact on their lives. We are eating and helping at the same time. How does that sound?



The event was held at 3@3 restaurant in Paseo Isabel, Banilad. Signages are placed from the ground floor until you reach the third floor where the restaurant is located so that diners will not be lost. Lol.



So these are the chef in action when we arrived. They had their cooking place on the veranda, very transparent to the people who are dining to see what they are doing.



And this is the menu.



Servers are busy when we get there. Hungry Juans are already waiting for their pasta’s.


These are the 5 pasta’s that they are serving.


AMATRICIANA is pasta with bacon strip, chilies and tomato. Your mouth’s gonna burn I swear. It is too spicy.



MARINARA is pasta with seafood, red sauce and white sauce. This is my favourite!



NEGRA is pasta with squid ink. Get ready with your toothbrush afterwards because your teeth will eventually turn black.



ALIGUE is pasta with crab fat. My second favorite!



VEGETARIAN is pasta with vegetable such as mushrooms and tomato. Ideal for vegetarians.



The busy chef.


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The friendly servers. They are not servers really. They are the genius people behind this charitable event.


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I went there with my friends. We look very full here. As much as we would like to order all pasta flavors, we can only eat until 3. For me, I finished Marinara, Aligue and Vegetable pasta. You cannot underestimate the serving, because it’s a lot!


I felt really happy after this lunch. I was so full and my heart was also filled with joy because I know I was able to help in my own small ways.  I am also thankful to the people who organized this event because they have a good heart to help and make a difference the other people’s lives.