El Nido, Palawan (Small and Big Lagoon)

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This is the most challenging trip I’ve made. Going to El Nido from Puerto Princesa is quite a painful journey due to the very long travelling time. When I say painful journey, I meant it literally. We departed from Puerto Princesa at 7AM going to El Nido. We went there by van to avoid stop-overs and passengers pick-up (a scenario very common for a bus ride). They say if you will travel by van the travelling time is 6 hours, if you will travel by a bus, it will be 7 hours. Van fare is P700, while RORO bus is P480. There is indeed a big difference, but to save our ass from the long journey, we chose the van. For those who wants to check the RORO bus schedule, I suggest for you to visit this blog site Transit: RORO Bus to El Nido from Puerto Princesa Palawan . 75% of the road going to El Nido is now concrete, but there’s 25% that is not. I tried my best to sleep on our way, but it is literally not possible because the road is zigzag and rough. For those who have motion sickness, I advise you to take Bonamine 30 minutes before your departure.

When we arrived at El Nido, we were so drained and exhausted. Our backpacks become too heavy to carry. Since, we didn’t book for an accommodation for this trip; we went to Gemini Travel and Tours for them to arrange for our accommodation and Island Hopping trip the next day. Lucky to us, we were able to get a very economical beach front room from Cabujao Pension for only P1000/night. Not bad for travelers on a very tight budget.

Please be aware that electricity in El Nido is only available from 6PM-7AM. Better be ready with charging all your gadgets if there is still electricity. If you are travelling by group and stays in just one room, I do suggest for you to bring an extension cord. Others things I suggest you bring are: sun block, goggles, rash guard (is there is any), off lotion, sunnies, hat and underwater camera if you can (believe me, you’ll be amazed at what you will see underwater).



I was too mesmerized when I saw this scenery. El Nido is literally a PARADISE. The water in the sea is crystal clear; you can even see your reflection. The mountain looks green and the skies are blue. I was so enchanted! This is the best place I have ever been in my entire existence!



After the 6 hours travel, we were hungry to death. El Nido is rich with all types of seafood. Look at how lovely this feast is.



Let’s do some selfie shots this time. I love my swimsuit and I am just so happy to be in El Nido. No words can describe what  I felt at this time.

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12Me and my awesome friends, from left: Aisa, Joann and Jenifer. My travel buddies, my laugh trip buddies, my food trip buddies and my confidantes.

13This is the tariff that Gemini Travel and Tours have for the Island Hopping Package. If the photo is not too visible, allow me to break it down for you:

Tour A: Small Lagoon, Big Lagoon, Secret Lagoon, Shimizu Beach and 7 Commando (P700/pax)

Tour B: Pinagbuyutan Island, Cathedral Cave, Cudugnon Cave, Snake Island, and Pangulasian Island (P800/pax)

Tour C: Hidden Beach, Mantiloc Shrine, Star Beach, Secret Beach, and Helicopter Island (P900/pax)

Tour D: Bocal Island, Nat-Nat Beach, Paradise Beach, Pasandigan Beach, and Cadlao Lagoon (P700/pax)

This tour package includes lunch and you will be escorted by a licensed tour guide. By the way, on top of those fees, there will be an additional P200 charge for the environmental fee.

If you wish to book your Island Hopping Trip at Gemini Travel and Tours or need assistance with finding an accommodation that suits your needs, simply contact Allan at +639199486404.


14This is our group for the tour. On my left is Maria, she is from Uruguay, Diego and Agustin (both from Spain), and Kika from Chile. Ehem.. Aisa, Waren, Joann, Jenifer from Philippines!


15Happy tourist!16 17


18Nice view of the small islands on our way to Small Lagoon.


20Our international tourists getting cozy and enjoying their view.


21Our local tourist with the big smile on their faces, so overwhelmed with happiness of being in paradise.

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24Perfect shot of the Helicopter Island.

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Here we are in the Small Lagoon.


People might not know, El Nido was used as a location for Survivor France (Koh-Lanta) for 2 seasons. As what our tour guide told us, most tourist that visits El Nido are French people due to its popularity in France, as well as the other part of Europe.


We should also not forget that Bourne Legacy was shoot in this island, particularly in the Small and Big lagoon while staying at the luxurious Miniloc Resort. Director Tony Gilroy even commented that El Nido is “the most beautiful place I’ve been to”. I totally agree with you Dir. Gilroy!








We are now approaching Big Lagoon.


This place is magnificent! It’s too perfect and it’s a paradise. I will not be mentioning on how to describe this place perfectly. I will just let the photos do the talking.











This is the Miniloc Resort. I couldn’t get a really nice shot up close, but believe me, you can already see luxury from afar.



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