Ellebox February 2018 Review

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This is my first subscription box from Ellebox and I will be giving my honest review of what I think about the products that I received from their February 2018 box.

I am proud to say that this is also a Canadian subscription box which means all products included in the box are purely Canadian. Prices below are in Canadian dollar. This review is late because the box arrived late.

Name of the Box: Ellebox (Monthly subscription box)

What you will get and cost of the box: Customized selection of organic pads and tampons plus tea, chocolate and two all-natural, amazing self-care gifts for you. There will be 2 boxes to choose from:

1. The Essentials Box – $10.00 + shipping fee
Customized choice of 16 organic pads / tampons

2. The Comfort Box $35.00 + shipping fee
The Essentials, plus:
2 new surprise goodies
Tea and a healthy snack or chocolate

Discount: Get 15% off your first box when you use my code WARENJEAN

Good to know: Save $10 with 6 months subscription for $200 and save $20 with 1 year subscription for $400.

Inside the box is a card with information about the month theme, product list and the featured Inspirational Woman. Since this is the February box, the theme is Valentines/Galentines Day. The inspirational Woman of the month is Rebecca Lee Funk. Wow! I am starting to love this box for empowering women. In this misogynistic world where most men think they are always in control, it’s nice to show them what strong women can do!


Here comes the items!


Organyc Cotton Tampons with Applicator (Regular) – $10.00

This tampon is ideal for women who wants to avoid contact with synthetic materials. The absorbent core is made with only organic cotton fibers that are ideal for sensitive skins, breathable and hypoallergenic. With protective layer in organic cotton. The cardboard applicator allows an easy and safe insertion.

The $10 price is an estimate based on the price of the essential box since the website don’t provide product prices. This is an exciting time for me because I haven’t tried using tampons before. It is not very popular in the conservative Philippines because the idea of having some foreign object inside the vagina make us cringe, but when I saw that the tampons included in the box are organic which means free from bleach, dioxin, rayon, polyester, wood pulp and pesticides, I am down to giving it a try. I will not delve into details of how I wasted the first 2 tampons before I got it right but when I did, I was surprised because it didn’t feel like there is something inside me aside from the dangling thread. This is what I get for using a 100% cotton product and I am pleased. As a first timer, I am glad the tampon is chemical free which makes the initial experience less traumatic.


Midnight Paloma Bath + Body Trio – $22.00

Midnight Paloma is a proud Canadian product line, 100% natural, gluten free, peta approved and uses charcoal as main product ingredient. Hooray! No furry friends were harmed in the making of this product.


Charcoal + Blood Orange Body Wash 50 mL
Natural hand + body wash draws out toxins and impurities of the skin with the detoxifying properties of charcoal. Blood orange, pink grapefruit + lime stimulate and energize.

First thing, this smells divine! I can smell the combination of different fruits infused in it which made shower time enjoyable. It doesn’t lather that much, so if you want a really bubbly shower experience, you have to use a lot. I am pleased with the result, my skin felt soft and clean afterwards.


Charcoal + Aloe Body Lotion 50 mL
Natural nourishing body moisturizer is rich with aloe vera, jojoba & avocado oil. Charcoal will protect your skin from environmental toxins. Light formula conditions skin leaving it soft and smooth.

It smells light and au naturel. It’s heavily moisturing, fast absorbing and doesn’t feel sticky after application.


Charcoal + Grapefruit Fizzy Bath Soak 50 mL
Natural blend of grapefruit, rose + charcoal will hydrate and invigorate after a long day. Use in the bath or as a foot soak.

I used it as foot soak because we surprisingly lost our bath tub stopper. Fizzy effect feels good and I used lukewarm water for a relaxing feel but I did not see any noticeable change in terms of skin softness afterwards.


Midnight Paloma Charcoal + Rose Detox Mask – $22.00

Natural charcoal mask is your skins best friend when it comes to keeping it detoxified. Charcoal absorbs impurities and acts like a magnet to draw out dirt from pores. Rolled oats sooth and rose petals hydrate.

I experimented with my own concoction based on the instruction given at the Midnight Paloma website about making the detox mask. For mine, I mixed a teaspoon of mask powder + a teaspoon of honey + a teaspoon of water. The consistency is a bit diluted so probably if I do it again next time I will not add water if I use honey. Nevertheless, it came out amazing. I left it for 20 minutes for the nutrients to fully sip in and my skin felt supple and soft afterwards.


Tea Sparrow in Peach Passion 18g – $2.79 (estimate)

A premier whole leaf china black tea offers the wonderful flavors and distinct aroma of Passion Fruit and Peach. Not only is this blend visually pleasing, its clean finish and neutral balance allows the flavors to rise to the forefront of each sip.

This is the best loose tea I’ve tried so far. I did try other loose tea before, but I haven’t really found the flavor that suit me. I did my infusion longer than usual and the entire time I was waiting for my tea to get a warm enough for me to drink I can a smell the sweet aroma of peach and it’s relaxing me. I added a bit of sugar coz I want my tea to be sweet.


Truffle Pig Chocolate Bar Dark Sea Salted Almond – $3.50

This 70% cacao, gluten free chocolate bar is the best treat any girl with period can get. For my case, this treat got eaten during PMS period. I know I am PMSing when the demand for food heightened. I can literally eat anything in 2 person serving all for myself. Well, my food appetite cannot be questioned even when I am not PMSing, but it does get overwhelming when I do. This chocolate bar is very satisfying. As soon as I popped it inside my mouth it started melting, it’s smooth and rich, not bitter and not sweet, just the perfect balance. This is now my new favorite dark chocolate!


Total Product Value: $60.29

Cost of this subscription: $35

Total savings: $25.29


Conclusion: I am definitely hooked! With everything that you get in the box, it is definitely worth the $35 bucks that you pay every month. What I love about this subscription is, it is curated by women to empower women so in a way it has a personal touch. Women knows what women wants and to get everything that unconsciously we are wishing in a box dedicated for period pampering is truly a game changer. Women by nature are nurturer, so knowing that these products are organic, chemical free and cruelty free give us security that nothing would go wrong with our health and our loved ones and our conscience is clear in terms of animal cruelty.


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Disclaimer: This is a complementary box sent for review purposes. Opinion is 100% mine.