Enchanted Kingdom, Laguna

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After my amusement park experience in Universal Studio Singapore and Legoland in Malaysia, I become obsessed with going to theme parks and trying out different rides. It’s crazy that I felt like a kid again that I even included Enchanted Kingdom on our Tagaytay trip itinerary. We did not stay in Laguna, we just had a side trip to Enchanted Kingdom from Manila on our way to Tagaytay. It was Thursday when we went there and to our disappointment it was closed. We found out that Enchanted Kingdom is only open from Friday – Sunday and everyday during summer. I guess they have to update their Facebook page for accurate information. We moved on to plan B and travelled to Tagaytay on the same day and went back to Enchanted Kingdom on Sunday.


Enchanted Kingdom is the Philippine pride for amusement park because it is by far the best amusement park that we have here in Philippines. Ticket rate is P600.00 for adults and P320.00 for kids below 4 ft.



Meet Eldar the Wizard. He is the Enchanted Kingdom beloved character from the far away land of Marsynthea.



Entrance to Boulderville.



Picturesque stores.

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The first ride that I tried was the EKstreme Tower. I am sure as hell, I will never do this again because after the ride, I don’t know if I still have my brain inside my head as it feels so light already. My boyfriend did not go with me because he has fear of heights, and me being the I-don’t-know-what-fear-feels-like kind of person went on my own. It was agonizing because we were lifted in a very slow motion and we were dropped in full gravitational force. It was the worst fall ever. We were strapped on our seat but I can no longer feel my butt touching my seat. It was a bad idea for EKstreme Tower to be my first ride because I was dizzy the whole time we were there and the first time I felt so afraid trying other rides.


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Stan outside Jungle Log Jam at Jungle Outpost. He was really excited for this ride. Me not much because I hate getting wet.


This is the Jungle Log Jam, falling and getting wet at the same time. Quite a ride indeed.

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We took a break from too much adrenaline and decided to chill for a bit when I saw Dairy Queen ice cream store. Before this trip, I included trying out Dairy Queen ice cream in the things I want to do in Manila since we do not have it here in Cebu. My sister was the one who recommended the super sticky ice cream that do not fall when being flipped upside down just like this.


I ordered Vanilla and Almond ice cream.



The Space Shuttle. We did not try it anymore because I was so dizzy after EKstreme Tower ride and I don’t want to pass out.


A photo with the astronaut will do. No need to ride the Space Shuttle. Lol.

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My view of the Anchor’s Way ride while on board the Wheel of Fate. It was a relaxing ride with the view of the entire Enchanted Kingdom.



This shot of the Grand Central Station will do for now.

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The Disk-O-Magic ride. We did not try it anymore because we were soaking wet after our Portabello water ride.

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Chillin’ in Victoria Park.

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We only stayed until 4 PM because we still have a flight to catch going to Cebu on the same day. By Philippine standard Enchanted Kingdom is already okay, but for me it is just “so-so” since I already have other amusement park to compare it with. It is not as magical as Universal Studio and not as amazing as Legoland. The place was not properly maintained, it needs repainting and maybe a realistic design. There are places when you thought you are seeing cute buildings, but you found out that it is just a tarpaulin that was printed with nice colorful buildings. It is also disappointing because some rides will not open until 3 PM. Not ideal for people who need to go home early but paid the full fee with unlimited ride. And just when you thought all ride is unlimited, there are still other rides that you need to pay separately. On my own opinion, if customer paid for P600 unlimited ride, all ride must be unlimited with no exception.


It was still a great experience, but I may have to assess myself if I will be trying out extreme rides next time.
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