Exploring the outdoors with the newest UNIQLO Sport Utility Wear

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How are you doing with your social distancing and quarantine? I hope you are finding time in keeping the boredom at bay while adhering to the government’s mandate about social distancing when outside. As an essential worker, I am not qualified to quarantine but it does get lonely sometimes being isolated from everyone aside from my colleagues and patients. So, when I received Uniqlo’s newest Sports Utility Wear, I was very excited because I will finally be able to go out for a stroll. We decided to go to a huge park where overcrowding is impossible and we were careful in keeping our social distance from everyone.

It was a lovely day at the start of spring, grasses are starting to grow but there are still no leaves on the trees. It was the break that I needed so, testing Uniqlo’s Sports Utility Wear in terms of comfort and quality was a good excuse.

I am wearing AIRism Seamless Long Sleeve Long T-shirt in size XS, this is a loose fit design so even if the size is XS, it fits like M to me. The bottom is AIRism Soft Cropped Leggings in Size S, it runs small so it is a little bit tight around the waist. Both are extremely comfortable and breathable, it is just the sizing that I find challenging. For the outerwear, I am wearing a Pocketable UV Protection Parka in Size S, this one fits perfectly, the cloth material is thin but warm. It comes with a little pouch and can be carried anywhere. It is ideal for camping, hiking and biking trips, handy for strong UV rays or sudden rain.

Uniqlo’s AIRism is the smart, breathable base layer that releases heat and moisture and adapts to any weather condition. Because of its Comfort Conditioning Technology, it quickly diffuses moisture using a “capillary effect”, and is extremely quick-drying to keep you comfortable. It contains fibers that absorb and neutralize sources of odors such as ammonia, acetic acid, nonenal and isovaleric acid, so you don’t need to worry about odors. It is also made from long, fine microfibers, so it feels as smooth as silk and absorbs water vapor better than ordinary polyester, so even if you sweat, it keeps you feeling fresh.

Photos credits to: Maxime Boutin

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