FabFitFun Fall Box 2017 Review

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This is my first subscription box from FabFitFun and I will be giving my honest review of what I think about the product that I received from their current Fall box.

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Name of the Box: FabFitFun (Quarterly subscription box)

Theme: Fall in Love

Cost: Seasonal membership $49.99 USD (free shipping to the US, $8 shipping to Canada, Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico.).

Annual membership $179.99 USD plus shipping.

Discount: Use coupon code HARVEST to save $10 off on your first box!

What you will get: Seasonal and annual members will get a box filled with fashion finds, glam beauty secrets, and fab fitness gear in $200+ value.

Good to know: Annual members will have extra customization options, which means they can pick and choose the designs and colors of certain products and their box will be shipped first. Seasonal members will not have this privileges.



The box include a magazine with details about each product and how to use them, different style tips and tricks and interviews of empowered women.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe second page list all the products and retail prices. It gives you an idea how much you saved with all the products you received.


Each quarter or season, FabFitFun will chose a charity they will partner, and for this box they chose Unicef USA.


Here comes the items!



Mer-Sea & Co. Cozy Wrap Scarf – $98

This luxuriously soft 100% polyester knitted scarf will keep you warm while looking chic.


There are 3 colors to choose from; blush, gray and teal. Since I am not an annual member, I was not able to choose the color that I want. This is the fun part for seasonal member like me because you will not have any idea of what you will get until your box arrive. I was hoping for blush and alas, it was what I got.

This scarf is the most comfortable scarf I’ve tried so far. When it was revealed on spoiler mail, I was not so thrilled because I have the same scarf in maroon, made of wool that is warm but itchy. So I was surprised when I received it because it’s very soft and comfy, I could snuggle with it all day while drinking warm tea. Disadvantage? It is shredding badly. Fibers are flying everywhere so best to wash it first before snuggle time.



Private Party Denim Gym Bag – $59.00

Denim gym bag with cotton handles, outside zipper pocket & inside open pocket. Perfect for the gym, yoga, barre, spin, or everyday use.


There are 3 phrases to choose from; Gym and Juice, Meet me at the Barre and Will Workout for Cupcakes. I was wishing for the latter, but I got the first. Luck was not in my favor for this.

I was disappointed with the quality of this bag. The material looks cheap for its $58 retail value. I mean, I could probably buy something like this for $15-20, so it’s a good thing it is included in the FabFitFun box because I would never buy this on its own.


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IMM Living Coxet Wire Ceramic Jewelry Holder – Listed value $33, Website price $30.50

Named for a famous Canadian geometer who believed geometry is intrinsically linked to music. Featuring rose gold metal frames with porcelain, this minimalistic collection of jewelry holder will hit all the right notes in your home.

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I love this jewelry holder! Just in time when I am planning to buy a new one. I have a dish jewelry holder in my bedside table because there are times when I go to bed then I realized I was not able to remove my earrings or my necklace so I just put it there. This is better than putting your jewelries directly on bedside table where it has the tendency to fall making it difficult to find the small jewelry pieces such as stud earrings. The problem with my dish jewelry holder is, I don’t only put jewelries and accessories in it but also my lip balm, bobby pins, hair bands and candies. So I decided to get another one solely for jewelries and I got this. It is pretty and it matches my bedside table white and gold theme.



Deco Miami Lavender Cuticle Oil – $12.50

Deco Miami’s cuticle oil formula is an ultra nourishing blend of vitamins and moisturizing organic oils that help to keep your cuticles feeling soft and healthy.


I haven’t tried cuticle oil before. I didn’t even know there is cuticle oil so I was thrilled to use it. This oil is 8-free, TPHP free, Vegan and Cruelty-Free, another product that didn’t harm our furry friends. I love the packaging and it smell so good, but I did not see any changes in my cuticle after trying. I assume it will take a little while to see the results.



Whish Renewing Mud Mask – $48.00

This mud mask features natural ingredients like bentonite clay, aloe, and rose hip oil to reveal smoother, softer skin while slowing down the aging process.

I am obsessed with facial masks so when I saw it as one of the products included in the box, I was over the moon. Unlike most face mask that needs 15-20 minutes waiting time, this only require 2 minutes! Ideal if you’re in a rush but still need to do the ritual. The moment I applied the mask, I felt a little sting, maybe its the tightening ingredients taking effect. No after glow but my skin felt soft.



myTagalongs Hot/Cold Pack – $15.00

The hot/cold packs fit easily into any gym bag/purse for on site relief. All you need is a microwave/stove or a freezer depending on the therapy you’re looking for and you’ll be on the road to feeling better.

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There are 3 colors to chose from; black, berry and teal. I was hopping for the berry but I got the black. This is something that I don’t usually use but I’m glad that I received it because this will be good for emergency cases. The slim design makes it easy to bring anywhere plus it’s light.



Trestique Lip Crayon in Florence Fig & Rose Balm – $28.00

This matte lip crayon glides on instantly with velvety color, and it feels ultra-soft yet weightless on lips. Its pure matte color is buildable, with a lasting, matte finish.


There are 2 colors to choose from; Florence Fig & Tuscan Wine. I got the Florence Fig which is an ideal everyday lip color. The texture is smooth and even if the lip crayon is matte, it did not dry my lips. I like layering matte with the balm for shimmery sheen effect but most of the time I apply balm first then the matte crayon to achieve a healthy matte looking lips.


The unique look. It is a 2-in-1 lip crayon and balm.



DP Hue Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse – $35.00

Formulated with proteins that can triple the strength of each strand, and color-locking technology to protect your color, ACV Rinse is the hardest working bottle in your shower.

For beauty innovation boost, you will receive either Molr Dental Club Carbon + Coconut Teeth Whitening Powder or DP Hue Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse. I really wished to get the Molr Carbon Powder because I’ve been curious about it due to its good reviews. I was disappointed when I received the DP Hue Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse, because Apple Cider Vinegar is not something that I like for my hair, but I still gave it a try. It doesn’t lather but it smells good. It doesn’t have a strong vinegar smell which is a good thing. My scalp is naturally oily, so I was not positive about this product that it can substitute shampoo. But I was amazed with the result, my unruly hair was surprisingly tamed and become manageable. It even felt soft and silky. This is my favorite from this box. I would highly recommend this to everyone who is willing to shell out $35 for hair care product.



B-Low the Belt Mia Belt – $55.00

It’s made of 100% Vegan leather and features a round buckle hardware – giving it a timeless yet rock n’ roll edge.


For fashion boost, you would receive either B-Low the Belt Mia Belt or The JetSet Diaries Beanie. I wished for the beanie because I need it for the coming Fall and Winter season but then again the odds was never in my favor. This is my least favorite item in the box because I know that I will never ever use it. I am glad that it is 100% Vegan leather and it looks sturdy but it’s just not my style. I decided to give it as a gift to a relative to put it in good use.



Cottonelle Fresh Care Flushable Cleansing Cloths

To feel cleaner and fresher than toilet paper alone, Cottonelle Fresh Care Flushable Cleansing Cloths give you a shower-fresh feeling that leaves you confidently clean. These flushable cleansing cloths are alcohol-free and contain just the right amount of moisture to provide our ultimate clean.

Finally, the last item is a free item. Cottonelle Flushable Cleansing Cloths is an must have in every girls purse specially for long haul trips and emergency cleaning.


Total Product Value: $381 USD/ $476.13 CAD

Amount paid for this subscription: $47.99 USD ($39.99 for the box with $10 discount + $8 shipping fee)/ $61.42 CAD

How much I saved: $333.01 USD/ $414.71 CAD


This is an amazing deal and I am pretty sure I will be keeping my FabFitFun subscription. This box is still on sale, but please hurry because it is almost sold out! Visit FabFitFun website here to subscribe and get $10 off your first box by using the code HARVEST.