Fashion Supremacy

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Outfit Details:

Dress: Belle Jean Clothing
Shoes: Zanea
Earrings: Franck Herval
Other accesories: Beads and Pearls


The girly me will be posting fashion blog again! I am excited for you guys to see me wearing dress again since I have been wearing tank tops and leggings on my whole travel duration. This time it’s gonna be monochrome. I love black and white combination, but lately, I have been wearing colorful outfits because it always uplifts my mood. But this time, I will be wearing my black and white ensemble in fun fashionable way. I don’t want the color black to be associated in something negative or sad because I know that when all else fail, black will always be my fall back. It’s crazy how my fashion taste changes overtime. When I was on my teenage years, I wear pink most of the time, like literally pink from head to toe. I guess I had the reason to love pink because I wasa teenager who loves cute things. On my early 20’s I started wearing, black, white and other dark colored clothes. That was the time when I wanted to look matured because I was so eager to mature physically and not to be seen by people as a high school student which is what I always get when people look at me. Now that I am on my mid 20’s I still love the colors black and white because they are classic, and it’s also the time when I just wanted to look my age. I still look younger than my age though, but I am not complaining because that would mean saving on anti-aging beauty products.