Flower Power

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Outfit Details:
Dress: Belle Jean Clothing
Shoes: Melissa
Accessories: Beads and Pearls
Photos by: Joel Ruales

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How about a super feminine-girly outfit this time? Being the girl who is in love with the color pink, I do not have a problem coming up with this kind of outfit. I also love floral printed clothes, because I love flowers on clothes. I am not a typical girl who loves to be given with flowers. I would rather be given with chocolates and suffer tonsillitis afterwards, than to be given a flowers and have to throw it away in few days. Real flowers don’t have an appeal to me. Yes, they are beautiful but their beauty dies and they will end up being trashed. I would rather have them on my clothes because I know that they will forever be alive and their beauty will last. Well, that is just my point of view. Lol.

The advantage of wearing floral printed clothing is that you always look young, fresh and blooming. In what I wear, I opt for black and other dark colors to make me look more matured. However, there are just days when you would just like to look your age or even younger than your age. That is when floral printed outfits were invented. The person who started this must be really genius!