Found My Paradise with Tesalate

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If there is one thing that I love about Tesalate, it is how versatile their towels are. It is compact, which means it can be carried everywhere (like literally everywhere). Judging by my photos, I took it to the park to get some sun and read my book. Unlike picnic blankets where it is difficult to clean with all the dust and dried leaves being stuck, this one is easy peasy. It is just like removing towel sand if you are on the beach.

And can we also take a moment to appreciate these cool flowers and flamingoes print? The design is called Paradise Found. With so many print options, you will definitely find your personality through Tesalate.

I may have not tested it on the beach yet but I am positive it will give me the same result. Looking for a COVID-free summer so I’ll be able to bring this baby to the beach.

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