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Outfit Details:

Dress: M+P+E

Bag: Marithe + Francois Girbaud

Shoes: So Fab!

Earrings: Franck Herval

Other Accessories: Beads and Pearls


First of all, I want to apologize to all my readers who commented on my post but I failed to reply right away. I have this issue with my blog wherein comments will not be notified to me in my email. Thanks to one of my reader who informed me about this. I am still on the process of consulting my Web Developer for the resolution of this issue because I am truly a technically challenged person. During the process of creating my website, it was my developer who did the job, he will only consult me if he if I approve a particular design or if he will ask me to choose what design I want for sidebars, fonts, etc. But I thank you all for understanding. I will have this checked as soon as possible.


Going into my current fashion post, I bought this really nice floral dress that I can’t help not to share with you guys. I am really obsessed with floral dresses nowadays. In order for me to look like a flower in the garden, I searched for a place with green walls and I am just so happy that this house is just within our subdivision (saved me a trip to other locations). I paired my dress with red accessories, bag and shoes so I could bring a really nice vibe to the whole outfit. There is also one thing I also want to share, I love oversized bags and it is really a tough luck looking for oversized bags with good quality and nice design. I am the type of person who carries a lot of things and I want it to be just inside one bag. I am so lucky I found this bag at Girbaud store because I have been looking for months for a nice oversized bag that can carry a pair of high heels without me bring a separate shoe bag and can fit 24 inch laptop and long folder. Yes, I am so OC about that because I have the tendency to lose things if I am carrying them on a separate bag. I know most girls don’t like big bags, but just in case you are in the same situation as mine, you would find this tip helpful.


Until the next fashion post. XOXO lovely ladies!