Frozen In Time

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Outfit Details:

Dress: Sugar Rose
Bag: Nima
Shoes: So Fab
Earring and Ring: Forever 21


Hi everyone! This post was placed on queue because most probably I am now in Macau enjoying myself at The Venetian riding the Gondola, imagining myself as Geum Jan-Di while seated beside Gu Jun-pyo. I have a real life Gu Jun-pyo and he is the one I am travelling with. If you do not know what I am talking about, I am talking about Boys Over Flowers. Ring a bell? Of course who doesn’t know about Boys Over Flowers? I was crazy about it back then.


Talking about my outfit, I’ve been alternating street, casual and formal style lately and today I am sporting the later. Work is the reason why I have formal or corporate wear. It’s my mantra to always look good when going to work, because looking good fuels positivity which is very important when handling irate customers. Yes, that is the life of a customer service representative, you are the shock and problem absorber of your customer so looking beautiful is essential to fight negative vibe.