Full Throttle

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Outfit Details:
Dress: Front Row Shop
Shoes: Figliarina
Accessories: Franck Herval

I am back to Black! My taste for fashion changes over time. There are times when I want to wear colorful clothes, cute kawaii outfits and corporate ensemble. But today, I will be wearing an edgy leather dress for a change. I do not usually wear leather material for clothes because I have this feeling that leather are just for shoes and bags and it will be really weird wearing them, but when Front Row Shop sent me this dress, all those apprehensions are gone. The dress is leather from the outside but cotton inside so you would not feel like wearing leather at all.

Front Row Shop is one of my most admired online shops because they have been established and become a trusted brand in a not usual route for a fashion brand. They do not have big billboards in the highways with A-list models wearing their outfits to endorse their product. No glossy ads in magazines and no big named designer to bring credibility to the brand. For what reason would they need that for? Clothes have already spoken, tailored by geniuses that aims to take fashion by storm in a very minimal yet sophisticated form. Front Row Shop has been noticed by different people all around the globe and has already proven their reliability to all their valued customers.

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