Get In Line

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Outfit Details:

Dress: CLT

Shoes: Figliarina

Accessories: Beads and Pearls


Hey guys! I do not have a lot of things to share about this outfit because I know for those who have been following my blog, have already seen me a lot wearing black and white ensemble. So for a change I will be sharing with you the “20 Facts About Me”.  I do not have special talents such as blowing fire or performing acrobatic poses, but I guess there are things that some people might find interesting. Not in the sense that it’s extraordinary, but just because it is uncommon.


  1. I am a big fan of the “Song of Ice and Fire” series by George RR Martin, commonly known as Game of Thrones. I have just finished the 5th book and now waiting for the 6th and 7th book. I have already memorized all characters and houses name by heart.
  2. The fictional character that I love is Obara Sand, the eldest bastard daughter of Oberyn “Red Viper” Martell, Prince of Dorne.
  3. I can speak and understand the basic French language.
  4. I speak 3 Philippine dialects: Waray-waray, Bisaya and Tagalog.
  5. I dislike guys carrying their girlfriends’ bag. It’s your bag, you carry it. Please know that you boyfriend looks stupid carrying them.
  6. I don’t watch horror movies. It scares the hell out of me.
  7. I love Beef Chao Fan and Tufo from Chowking, Yang Chow and Pork Asado from Redmoon, Streamed Rice and Bacon Siomai from Dimsum Break. It makes me wonder, since when did I become Chinese?
  8. I am a great fan of waxing. I have already mastered the art of making cold wax. Therefore, the hair that I have in my body is the hair on the top of my head, brows, and fine hairs in my arms and legs. Lol.
  9. I don’t party, drink alcohol, smoke and so drugs. I’m boring, I know… J
  10. I love perfumes. When I was younger, I wanted to become a Chemist because I want to mix perfumes, but my mother interfered because she was concerned what am I gonna do next after mixing perfumes.
  11. I can’t drink and walk at the same time. I need to pause then drink then walk.
  12. I don’t drink while I eat. I need to finish eating first then drink.
  13. I am addicted to accessories. I make my own accessories and I can’t go out of the house without wearing one.
  14. I only have 1 pair of denim jeans.
  15. I can’t wear an outfit with more than 3 colors.
  16. I love to sing in videoke and I am good at memorizing lyrics.
  17. I am also a stalker. Just like everyone else, they may admit it or not, I also stalk people that I find really interesting. I have a special dummy account in instagram that only follows the people I adore and the people whose daily activities makes me very curious.
  18. I love Ed Sheeran and his songs (I guess everyone does). My most favorite song in the world is “Thinking out loud”.
  19. I always smile because it’s the only thing I can give for free.
  20. I don’t give a sh*t of what people will think and say about me, but I always try to be nice because I don’t want them to think bad and say something bad about me.


It’s your turn! If you wanna share something about yourself, feel free to leave a comment.