Ground Breaking

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Outfit Details:

Dress: Xinguo
Shoes: Melissa
Bag: Ever New
Necklace: Beads and Pearls
Ring: Franck Herval


This white dress game is getting stronger. I don’t know why but I am getting more and more obsessed with white dresses lately, but this dress is a bit interesting because of its mesh style, well, a thicker version. I am not sure what the term is but it’s something like that. Unlike my usual white-and-black, white-and-gold combination, this time I chose white-and-pink because this is something new to me.


Anyways, this blog will be a bit different because I gathered questions that people mostly ask me with regard to my passion for fashion and blogging. Today, I will be answering the first 10 questions that is commonly being asked and some of the questions I gathered will be answered on my succeeding blogs.


1. Tell us about yourself and your blog?

I was born and raised in the province of Leyte. I came here in Cebu after High School for me to continue my studies. I took up Bachelor of Science in Nursing and worked as a Nurse for 2 years after I got my license. I quit Nursing job due to low demand and worked for customer service in a BPO industry. My blog in very personal because it is a compilation of my evolving sartorial style.


2. Describe how did you first get into blogging?

Back in 2012, I deactivated all my social media account (e.g. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) because I broke up with my now ex-boyfriend and I don’t want to be posting anything about my bitterness in social media which is very common and unavoidable for broken hearted people. I only had email and every time I surf the net, I keep on reading fashion blogs. It made me realize that I wanted to become a fashion blogger, so I created an account in Tumblr and it became my first blogging platform before I hired a web developer to create my own website.


3. How would you describe your blogging style?

My blogging style is very personal. I consider my website as my own personal fashion diary. It is a compilation of my daily outfit, something one can wear everyday that doesn’t look haute couture-ish.


4. How do you want to improve yourself in the next year?

Just looking at my posts from the time I started blogging up until the present, I can say that my style evolved even if I do not have a particular trend to follow. I will continue to be more and more creative with my craft and will always be the best version of my self.


5. What do you do in your spare time?

If I am not blogging, I am reading books, arranging photoshoots for future outfit blogs, editing pictures, and attending events.


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6. Where would you like to be in blogging five years from now?

Blogging is something I see myself doing forever, so for sure 5 years from now I am still actively blogging. It may not be in the professional sense of the word but maybe it will continue as a hobby. Hopefully more blogging opportunities for me, collaboration with big brands and more events. If I could do it full time, it would surely make me happy.


7. Can you name some of your favourite bloggers and explain why they are your favourites?

For local, first on the list is Tricia Gosingtian. Her blog was the first blog I started reading, she looks like a doll and I fell in love with her style.

Second is Verniece Enciso. I love her girly and feminine style.

For International, first is Jessica Ricks of She is very pretty and sexy and I love her clothes.

Second is Nicole Warne of because she is an epitome of sophisticated fashion.


8. How do you motivate yourself to keep the blog up and running?

What really motivates me to blog boils down to the reason why I started blogging. I have this separation anxiety issue with clothes that I tend to hoard even if I am not using it or even if I do not have space in my closet anymore. So what I did was to take pictures of my clothes with me wearing them as a remembrance. After that, I can finally let go of my clothes. I either give it or sell it.


9. Have you met anyone interesting/famous on your blogging journey?

Yes. I’ve met my favorite fashion bloggers during the grand opening and VIP shopping of H&M Cebu. I met the Enciso sisters Vern and Verniece, Camille Co, and Dani Barreto. Also celebrities; Gerald Anderson, Bella Padilla, Divine Maithland-Smith. Piolo Pascual during Sunlife event, Daniel Matsunaga during Dr. CRB launching and a lot more.


10. Do you have any specific goals for the rest of this year?

Hopefully I can blog atleast 8 outfits a month with this busy schedule, more events because it’s really fun, and brand collaboration if there is.


That’s it for now. More Q&A next time. Thank you dropping by lovely people!