Guess who’s back?

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As I am writing this post, Without Me by Eminem keeps on playing in my head so I decided to play it on my phone and jam in the early morning hours while drafting my first come back post because “Guess, who’s back? Back gain? Waren’s back” Lol. This is my first blog post after 9 months of hiatus. Although I posted 2 blogs between those months, it wasn’t because I am officially back, but because the sponsors require it for the products they sent me. As the lyrics of the song Without Me say: “Cause it feels so empty without me”, I think about the blogging world, but I don’t think it is empty without me, I do feel empty without it. As an ambivert (50% extrovert, 50% introvert), this is my way of showing my introvert side. Typing on my laptop, saying things that pop inside my head that I cannot say to an actual human. All those years that I was blogging (7 years), I was happy because I get to show my creative side, but I wasn’t being authentic to myself and to my readers. The goal for this come back is to be real and authentic. To try not to compete with anyone and to impress no one.

My original plan is to resurrect this blog once the pandemic is over, but being in isolation from everyone when not at work is lonesome. Yes, I do talk to family, friends and loved one virtually, but without an actual human connection, it is a bit sad. With anxiety building up as soon as I leave the house to go to work and fight something that I cannot see, it will not be long enough until I can’t hold it together. Blogging has always been my outlet, an escape. But this time I will not use this as an outlet to escape my reality but to use my voice that behind this blog is a real and authentic human.

I guess, a lot of things have changed since I was last here, so I will introduce myself again to the readers who do not know me or to those who do not know me anymore because of my long hiatus and absence from the blogosphere. I am not even active in social media aside from the IG stories that I post which are not as visible as the social media posts and basically disappear after 24 hours. So here it is.

My name is Waren Jean Go. My first name is Waren Jean and my last name is Go. In Quebec, they always think my last name is Jean Go, so I have to correct that every time. Typically, for 2 names, it has to be hyphenated, but I don’t want to write my first name as Waren-Jean so I have to explain to everyone that Waren Jean is my first name but 2 words. How complicated. My last name is Go, I am part Chinese, but dominantly a Filipino. No one in our family speaks Chinese anymore, it is just the last name that makes me Chinese.

I am a medical geriatric nurse in a longterm care institution handling mostly palliative and comfort care patients with medical and cognitive issues. A frontline worker in the fight for COVID-19. I do not want to delve into what I feel during this pandemic as my comeback post, I might share in future posts, but not this time.

I haven’t started my outfit shoot yet, but I do have outfit photos during my trip to Israel last November that I want to share. The weather in Israel at that time is like the weather in Montreal at the end of the summer or early fall so I was able to wear something summery; a dress, flats and a thin long coat. This is the type of weather where layering is ideal just in case the weather gets chilly. And I like how this whole outfit blends well with the background.

Outfit Details:
Dress, Coat and Sunnies:
Flats: Sam Edelman
Bag: Karl Lagerfeld
Belt: Ardene
Earrings: Frack Herval Bijoux

Photo credits to: Olive Bato