Haiyan in the Philippines (Ways to Help)

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I have never been this broken hearted in my entire life. I saw stories of storms, typhoons and other calamities from other places and you will tell yourself, such a pity for a place to experience such devastation and you go on with your life again. It is a totally different feeling when you are the one, your family, your neighbours, and your countrymen that experienced such grief. I was born and hailed in Leyte. My town is in Leyte, Leyte (3 hours away from Tacloban and 2 hours away from Ormoc). Last November 8, 2013, we were struck by the strongest typhoon ever recorded. It is 3 times stronger than the Hurricane Katrina that struck USA last 2005; it is the typhoon Haiyan which is locally called Yolanda in the Philippines. No matter how prepared the Filipino people are, we can no longer defend ourselves from its wreck that caused havoc on most places, such as Leyte, Samar and Cebu.


All towns and cities in Leyte are affected. Media can only reach Ormoc and Tacloban, they need help but let us also not forget the other towns that are unreachable like my town in Leyte, Leyte. It is like waking up from a nightmare. The next thing you’ll know, you no longer have a roof and debris is all over the place. People are in desperate need for food, water and shelter. Diseases are fast spreading due to sanitation issue.


The following photos are the photos from the City of Tacloban, the most affected area.

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Photos from the City of Ormoc. 

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Photos from Guiuan and Basey Samar.

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Photos from Cebu City and Northern part of Cebu, including Daanbantayan and Bantayan Island.

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The Filipino people need your help. I am speaking in behalf of my countrymen as we are experiencing loss of loved ones, homes, and scarcity of food.


We do have organization that accepts donation to help the Haiyan victims.


If you wish to direct your help to Ormoc City, please visit the facebook pages by clicking the link below:

1. Help Ormoc City Ph

2. Bangon Ormoc



Other organizations that helps Haiyan victims:

1. Red Cross – Cebu Chapter

2. Yes Pinoy Foundation

3. World Food Program

4. Victory Organization Relief Efforts for Yolanda

5. Sagip Kapamilya ABS-CBN Foundation



*I do not personally own the photos posted. Credits to the Rappler, Reuters and The Telegraph.