Hikay (Lutong Pinoy)

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I love eating. I fancy all cuisine from Asian to European to American. I always make it a point to dine somewhere for me to try different foods from different cultures, because trying those food is like getting to know one’s culture. I am a fanatic of Japanese and American cuisines, but my most favorite of all is my own native cooking, Filipino cuisine. In IT Park, we have a favorite native Filipino restaurant that serves home cooking. That’s Hikay Lutong Pinoy.


I have been away from home for quite some time now. I studied college here in Cebu, and I always eat outside, that’s because in College we are not allowed to cook in the boarding house that we lived in. Now that I am working and living in an apartment with 2 other roommates, it’s still the same, we still don’t cook simply because cooking is not our thing, but eating is. Lol. Being away from home always make me crave for my mother’s cooking. My mom is really a good cook. It is like she has magic in her hands and all the foods that she cooks really tastes great.  So when I discovered this restaurant near my work place, I was so happy because I finally found a place I could dine for me to taste home cooking.


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The place is really good and clean, the ambiance is nice and tables are properly arranged. It’s spacious and can accommodate lots of diners. The chairs are softly cushioned (I am too particular with it and I don’t know why). The place is too polished for me.



I love this table, I asked them why they have red roses at the center even if it’s not Valentine, and the waitress told me that it is for customers to feel like they are just dining at home and it doesn’t have to be valentine for each meal to be special. That’s really thoughtful.



My another obsession are lighting designs. If I was not a nurse, maybe I am an interior designer. There are a lot of things to consider for me to call a place beautiful. Proper lighting adds nice aura to the place and the color of the light and its design must match to the place decor as well.


The Menu:


Prices range from P75-P325 depending on the order.




The Foods:



Garlic Rice Platter – P60.00



Sizzling Pusit – P188.00



Kinilaw na Isda – P170.00



Rellenong Talong with Pork – P120.00



Special Bihon Guisado – P180.00



Pinakbet with Hipon – P120.00



Chicken Pandan – P150.00



Sinigang na Tanguige – P200.00



My Mommy Love really like this place, so for her birthday, we celebrated it here. For birthdays, you can request the staff to play the Happy Birthday song and they will also light the cake and bring it to your table.  It is really an ideal place to celebrate birthdays.



It’s me with our Mommy Love, Labs Aisa, Joann and Jenifer.



On another occasion, I also came here with my roommate Charen and Ate Lucky for a nice dinner.


Hikay (Lutong Pinoy) is located at:

Calyx Building, AsiaTown, IT Park, Lahug, Cebu City

For inquiries, please call: 032-238-5211