I’m Already There

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Outfit details:

Dress:  Belle Jean Clothing

Shoes: Parisian

Clutch: Beads and Pearls

Accessories: Beads and Pearls

Photos by: Joann Carlon

The first time I saw this dress, I absolutely fell in love with it. It is a body hugging dress that emphasizes your curves from waist down. I always slow down on eating when I am wearing this dress because I have the tendency to bloat when I am full (well, I guess we all do. lol). I love the details on the shoulder; it adds an attitude and appeal to the outfit. Imagine if it is not there, I guess this is just going to be a sexy boring outfit. There are 2 advantages of wearing this dress. You can wear this going to the office or party. You would look fabulous as long as you will pair it with a nice piece of accessory. Beads and Pearls have been rocking my looks for a long time now. I rely on the style and sophistication that this brand gives me.

It became noticeable that I am mostly wearing a Belle Jean Clothing dresses lately, that is because my friend owns the shop and she is importing products from China, Japan, Korea and Thailand. It is not popularly advertised because she only supply friends and some people that she knows. It was named after me obviously, because I keep on blogging her products. “Belle” is a French word for beautiful and Jean is me, so it is Beautiful Jean. Aye! Keep posted for more fashion blog entries on the following weeks. There are still a lot of good stuff to share.

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