In full swing

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Outfit Details:


Top: Quadriga Sophyia Por Plata

Skirt: Belle Jean Clothing

Shoes: Old Shoes

Accessories: Beads and Pearls

Photos by: Joel Dufournet


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This is absolutely a carefree comfortable outfit. A classy pearled cotton top paired with a lace skirt rocked the chic inspired outfit. Light color is always good with dark color. But in accessorizing I always use the light color to make the dark color stand out. Make sure there is a balance.


You kinda might think the skirt is too short. Well, unfortunately for women’s with the height of 5’0 like me, it is best to wear short skirts because revealing most part of your legs would make it look longer, therefore would also make you look taller. I don’t easily gain weight, but I am also weight conscious. I always make it a point that I am not less than 95 lbs and not more than 110, which is a normal weight for 5’0 women’s as per Rush University Medical Center. My point is if I will weigh more than my desired weight I will look more round and bulky. Therefore, I will look shorter. I also compute my Body Mass Index (BMI) based on my weight and height in order for me to know that I am still on the limits. Lol. I am health conscious because for me beauty from the outside navigates good aura to the inside. I try to eat healthy with less carbs, work out (mostly abs exercise coz I’m currently working on it), vitamin C and E and more water less soda.


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